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Female Genital Mutilation - Comparing and Contrasting Findings with Literature Review

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Research paper
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Based on the results of the research, at least half the number of participants interviewed agreed to the fact that they had encountered FGM victims directly while the other 50% noted that they had faced the victims indirectly. However, all the respondents confirmed that FGM is carried out on girls who are 15 years or younger. This was because girls in this age bracket have not matured into women and therefore the need to prepare them for this phase. Furthermore, the result seems to indicate that the victims of FGM are mainly drawn from poor backgrounds regarding their social and economic standing and are members of isolated communities. Even though some of the cities that carry out the practice go on with it purely as a common tradition, most of the respondents were quick to point out that FGM is a rite of passage and marks the graduation from childhood to womanhood.

In contrast to the benefits that accrue from FGM, quite a significant number of respondents could agree that there usually benefits attributed to female genital mutilation while 80% of the respondents noted that they were not aware of the benefits. Even though some of them acknowledged the fact that there are monetary prices involved during and after initiation, the same respondents were not quite articulate to explain whether the financial costs were of help to the victims. This is the same analogy that is often expected of the FGM victims. However, when outlining the consequences of FGM, the respondents agree to the fact that the victims experience pain in the genital area, difficulty in walking, painful micturition, trauma, bleeding, and infections. The results were pointing out the same understanding that victims of FGM often undergo depression, insomnia, low self-esteem and seclusion. This was not different from the results that the study showed of the victims. On the other hand, the results indicated that the long-term effects include pain during birth or intercourse, chronic pelvic pain, and chronic infections. The victims may also develop physiological complications such as abscesses, cysts, ulcers, reduced sexual drive and libido, and scarring. This was a clear indication that the FGM has dramatically been discussed in clear and coherent manner by the respondents.

Based on the research results, some of the respondents agreed that the best way to stop FGM is through emancipation and enlightenment. Carrying out regular community awareness programs and demonstrating the long-term adverse events associated with FGM. Also, involving community leaders and making them understand what is at stake aids in making reception from the community members more welcome. This was the exact understanding of the ways through which FGM can be eradicated from the society. However, one striking difference in the results obtained was the fact that those young girls whose daughters refuse to undergo circumcision or fail to come out wholesome are often mocked and derided. This was not well captured into the literature review due to the emancipation and enlightenment of the masses that was being driven through various community awareness programs.


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