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Sociology Essay Example: Women's Suffrage Movement

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Women Suffrage movement refers to a struggle by women from Britain and U.S.A for the inclusion of women in leadership position. The women rights movement activism was chaired by activists in different countries. The objectives of the leaders of the movement were to fight for the women voting rights, and the freedom for women to run for offices in government. The movement was active in the 19th century when there were formations of many organizations including the international council of Women (ICW) and international women suffrage Alliance (IWSA) to fight for the right of the women in different parts of the world. As a result, The British colony in New Zealand became the first to allow the women the voting rights in the country.

Is gender pay gap real?

Gender pay gap exists in a situation where women are paid less than their male counterpart performing the same job does. Gender pay gap exists in many countries such as U.S.A and Australia where most of the employers pay their workers according to the number of hours of work. Female worker are disadvantaged in many ways. For example, most women cannot work for long hours as compared to their male counterparts because of commitments such as taking care of the children. Some jobs reward disproportionally because of the variation in hours of service delivery. Besides, workers serving in particular hours may receive better remunerations because people are not willing to work at such hours. For this reasons, Gender pay gap is real.

Question 3

The argument that there is a need for a law to make companies hire men because women make 71 cents for every $1 that a man made is not valid. For decades, feminine activists have fought for the inclusion of women in leadership positions and for their considerations in employment opportunities. The objectives of the feminine activists were genuine and it is prudent that women affairs are considered. It is right for women to receive their dues after they deliver a service to the employer. For example, companies that pay workers per hours should continue protecting the rights of every worker and the amount of work they do.

Question 4

The civil rights moment was aimed at attaining equality. The activist needed to see both the women and men were treated as their needs demands. Besides, there was a need to give the women all the full rights such as the right to vote, vying for offices, and access to education, housing, and employment. The women suffrage movement of the 19th century was a success after the British government in New Zealand became the first to grant the women the voting rights. In the moderns society, the women representation in the workplace is favorable. It is also evident that the proportion of women in political leadership is increasing each time. The fight for the rights of the girl child has not stopped since the 19th centuries where activist encourage women to pursue science-related courses.

Is affirmative action still necessary?

Affirmative action is still necessary because there is a need to fight for the rights of the minority groups such women, veterans, and persons with disabilities. The issues of affirmative action are debatable issues in many countries because many people have a unique view on the matter. For example, some people think that Affirmative action causes racial tension in the country. However, it is important that all the minorities in the societies enjoy equal rights as the majority group in the society. There is still a need for affirmative action to ensure that equality prevails in most sectors of the economy. Discrimination of the minority groups in the society has been the main course of poverty and inequality. As a result, there is a need for affirmative action to continue protecting the rights of the physically challenged and the less fortunate such as the orphans and the widows.

BLM (Black lives matter)

The international activist movement has helped greatly saved the lives of the black people in the United States of America. The term BLM is genuine because the activist did not stand to gain but to save the black from the regular police killings in the country. The reason for the police killings witnessed in the various parts of the U.S was racial profiling. In a personal point of view, the BLM movement is good because it fought for the safety of the minority groups in the United States.

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