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Report on the Automation of the XX Brewery and On Job Training

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XX Brewery can maximize the organization profit projections by increasing automation of the organization production and offering on the job training for its employees to improve their performance and efficiency. Automation refers to the mechanization of some of the production activities such as packaging and quality control. Employment of technology in the brewery industry in Australia can significantly improve production as well as the quality of beer and other alcoholic products that are produced by XX Brewery. Automation has the potential of building capacity for XX Brewery which is still struggling to improve capacity and at the same time drive product quality. In this case, automation of some of the production process reduces the inefficiencies that the organization face from poor employee skills and also human error.

Intelligent brewery automation solution could significantly improve XX Brewery output as well as quality (Lees, 2016).

The primary goal for XX Brewery is to produce the high quality beer which meets customer needs and promotes the ability of the organization to compete in the market. Running a profitable and competitive beer company in Australia today requires companies such as XX Brewery to invest in technology significantly which can increase yields and create a competitive advantage in the ever competitive brewery industry. Customers in Australia are keen on accessing quality bear at an affordable rate. Consistent quality and improved yield can help XX Brewery to command a greater market command (Lees, 2016).

Automation brings down production cost

Automation of the XX Brewery beer production process can significantly improve the organization flexibility and bring better insights into the organization production process. Through automation XX Brewery can reduce its production cost which can enable the organization to reduce its beer prices and remain competitive in the market with a pricing advantage that would be difficult for other brewers to beat. Automation of the production process will help XX Brewery to keep pace with the current market dynamics regarding quality and competitive prices. XX Brewery should seek to automate some of its production processes and not all to maintain a good public image and protect the jobs of its employees. Good coordination between the employees and the significantly improves the organizational capacity and efficiency. Unlike the human labor which is prone to mistakes, automation increases efficiency and reduces wastages which further reduces the cost for the organization and helps the organization to develop competitive prices in the market (Lees, 2016).

On Job Training and Improved Remuneration

On job training refers to the strategic approach of improving XX Brewery employees skills through on job training of the new practices in the brewery industry and how best to coordinate human and machine production for the organization. XX Brewery should carry out an internal employee assessment of the employee's competency and skills. This approach will help XX Brewery to cut off ineffective laborers and employees and retain only effective employees that can drive the organization production and reduce costs by cutting down cost on employee remuneration. On job training ensures continuous production for the organization and helps the organization to adjust on the course of production to production routines and culture that maximizes the organization production and yields. Further, it is important for the organization to establish distinctive job descriptions for each employee and promote team work through training to ensure that employees can work together and coordinate the organization activities (Bloch & Bhattacharya, 2016).


Production cost reduction and improved yields

The primary objective for XX Brewery is to reduce cost and increase the organization yields. The organization spends a lot of its financial input on employees, through reduced production cost the organization can be able to offer competitive prices which can increase the organization competitive advantage. This can be achieved through automation which can increase yields and reduce the need for some human resources.

Assessment of the match between employees skills and job requirements

Assessing the employees skills in relation to the job requirements can help XX Brewery to improve its employee's efficiency and retain only the best employees. Further, assessing the employee's skills against the needs of the job will help XX Brewery to create an employee training program that can help promote better performance and greater yields for the organization (Bloch & Bhattacharya, 2016).

Human Capital Targets

The increased match between employees skills and XX Brewery job requirements.

Reduced employee turnover.

Teamwork between different organization departments employees to achieve the organization financial target.

Reduced employees salary costs.


Organization Chart

Brewery Organization Chart for Expansion Program

Planning Action

Building XX Brewery Capacity

Environmental Assessment

Expansion and Replication

Reviewing Expansion Progress

Brewery Consolidated Chart

Brewery President

Production manager

Corporate staff

Chief manager Automation

Human Resource Manager

Departmental Managers



Current human resources trends associated with the brewing industry in Australia

There have been cases of changing trends in the employment relationship in all the organizations. Since then, human resource trends usually change just as the industries continue to evolve. All the industries are subject to changes through the changes in regulations, and employees changes. In the case of small business, the employers should ensure that they remain flexible for them to accommodate the changing trend in human resources. In the case of large companies such as firms and the industries as a whole, the mangers, and the employers have to familiarize with the changing trends. This essay focuses on understanding the current human resource trends in the brewing industry in Australia.

Currently, the brewing industry is engaging in the corporation of culture and engagement in the organization. The objective of this strategy is to ensure that the team improves the employee engagement process. In the current situation, if the industry does not emphasize on incorporating cultural engagement in the human resource management, there will drawback in the employee retention (Vrellas et al., 2015). The failure to implement Culture Corporation makes it difficult for the small business to retain the best employees in the organization. Similarly, the brewing industry in Australia faces the same challenge in their operations. There is increased turn out of employees, and if the industry fails to incorporate culture into their activities, there is the likelihood that the 86% of the employees will keep on looking for new jobs. In effect, the production level of the company is likely to drop.

Businesses have been putting an attempt to ensure that the employees experience business compensation and security in their jobs. The brewing industry has been in apposition to ensure that its employees exercise loyalty to the company. It avails that the industry recognizes the performance of the employees which gives the workers the opportunity to commit to their work. At this level, the industry has to implement the door to door policy which prevents the employees from jumping from one firm to the other. It is, therefore, essential for the employers to start engaging in discussion with the employees in an attempt to identify the needs thus acting to minimize the negative consequences in the industry. In the Brewing industry in Australia, the employees are managed sophistically with the focus on the hourly contingent and also hiring some workers on a contract basis.

Additionally, the industry is implementing secret management of the employees doing away with the traditional practices. Through this trend, the industry is engaging in the innovative management process of the workers. In the modern world, the HR managers need to focus on improving the management process which focuses on the management, evaluation, and rewarding of the employees. In Australia, the HR managers are undergoing a process of recruitment which focuses on improving the employees innovative capacities. This calls for the need of the workers in the brewing industry to reskill their management skills to keep pace with the changing trends in the business.

In Australia, there is increased tension in the Human Resource department as there is increasing concern about the administration and government. The federal government in Australia focuses on understanding the relationship between the employees and the employers. People support the government decision to monitor the employee-employer connection due to the argument that the government has not been following the treatment that employees receive from the employers (Aleti et al., 2016). Following this decision by the Australian government, the workers are in a position to win and enjoy all the work benefits such as leave and good pay in the brewing industry. However, the opponents of the government decided to intervene in the brewing industry see it as a burden to the company. The firms should have the opportunity to choose the benefits that they think will be beneficial to both the workers and the employers.

Additionally, the brewing industry in Australia has been focusing on ensuring that the employers and the employees focus on the safety of the workers. The focus of the human resource development in the Australian brewing industry is to provide that the employees keep in touch with the changing issues of the environment. The environmental observation does not operate on the decision to include environmental regulations. However, the brewing industry focuses on ensuring that the workers adapt to the continually changing brewing atmosphere (Jones et al., 2016). The trend focuses on providing the security of the crew which forms the critical factor in the industry. Without this group of people in the industry, it is impossible for beer to be shared with the friends and the patrons. In an attempt to assess and understand the environment, the industry is in a position to hire the EHS support group consisting of licensed professionals and brewers association which helps the company get the correct results from environmental assessment.

In conclusion, it is evident that the human resource department in any organization is prone to changes that result from the changing operations of the business. As a result, the HR managers, as well as, the employers to adopt such changes reduce their adverse effects on workers. All the changes should aim at ensuring that the employees receive positive attitude toward their work. Current trends in the brewing industry in Australia include the focus on incorporating the organizational culture to accommodate employees f...

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