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Report Example: Production Strategies and Quality Control

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Unbreakable cups have been an evolution of various designs by our product developments department. The company invested a lot in this product to ensure we launch a high-quality product at low cost with the anticipation it will be received well by the target market. It is essential to integrate production strategies and quality control for efficient, effective and economic operation of the manufacturing process (Akrani, 2011). There are various production strategies to ensure success in the production of unbreakable cups. The firm will use differentiation strategy in which there will be the production of unbreakable cups which are different and distinctive as compared to competitors' brands. The firm will offer better quality, pricing, appearance and customer service thereby creating trust among the customers. Another strategy is cost leadership in which the company will reduce the production cost (Akrani, 2011). This is through the production of unbroken cups in higher frequency which means increased production leading to economies of scale leading to lower cost of production. The firm will also practice market segmentation strategy in which the market with be divided according to the types of customers the firm is focusing which allow better market penetration.

In the production of the unbreakable cups, push strategy for inventory control will be utilization in forecasts of the inventory needs to satisfy the customer demands. The firm has predicted the target market will grow by the unbreakable cups which means there will be the production of enough cups to meet the forecast push. There will be the application of the total quality management in the improvement of quality and performance to exceed the customer expectation (Westcott, 2013). In the production of unbreakable cups, measures will be taken to manager quality, design and development, quality enhancement, quality control and assurance.


In this digital age, most of the marketing will be done through the social media. The production of unbreakable cups is capital intensive, and the company has to use social media marketing to reach the target market. It is important to know that cups are like a walking advertisement since this type of organized marketing is quite powerful. Viral marketing will be used, and it will focus on the spread of information and opinions concerning unbreakable cups from person to person through the use of internet or emails. The company will also create campaigns that are funny and engaging. The target market for the unbreakable cups includes families and coffee shops. The production of unbreakable cups in capital-intensive and our marketing with entail promoting the buying of a volume of cups.


The company will be introducing unbreakable cups in the market. This will pose some challenges such as the need for gap fixing. This entails the delivering products or services that satisfy the essential needs in the market better than the competitors. To deal with this challenge, the business will focus on well-planned and executed products that meet the needs. Another potential challenge is the ability to balance quality and growth. Sometimes business finds it hard to strike a balance between quality and growth of the business. Sometimes there is a lot of shoddy work and business are unhealthily obsessing with quality. To deal with this challenge, the company will need to navigate the production process to allow a compromise that promotes scale without adversely affecting the brand.



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