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Report Example on HR: Negotiating Salary

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There is nothing better among two or more parties that require an agreement to transact business or any activity than negotiation. Being a discussion that aims at reaching an agreement, negotiation helps in coming up to an amicable conclusion or understanding of any issue between two parties. Negotiation reduces disparities and clears any misunderstanding between two or more parties especially concerning issues of salary or wage rate. For that matter, Margaret Neal a distinguished professor in management outlines that it is a vital element for one to negotiate the issue of salary whenever they get a job "Margaret Neale: Negotiation: Getting What You Want"). She argues that if two individuals apply and win a job offer in each organization, the one who goes further to negotiate the salary and gets, for instance, an increment of $7,000 will be making over $100,000 more than the one who does not negotiate. This article seeks to analyze four essential steps of successful negotiations that can make an individual get what they want, ways of carrying oneself through a well-mannered form of negotiation through an analysis of Margaret Neal film on Negotiation.

The first step of negotiation is to direct the argument on the matter of problem-solving. In applying this step of negotiation, a good argument basis on collaborative problem-solving approach. The collaborative problem-solving plan shows that it needs a successful collaboration between the employer and the employee in the manner that an employee should be given a salary that is closer to the kind of problem to be solved. However, since the problem is solved cannot translate a direct compensation or pay, the employee should, therefore, use the aspect of collaborative problem-solving techniques to attain an amicable wage.

The second step is to realize that the goal of negotiation is not just to get a deal but to get a good deal. In approaching the aspect of a good deal thing, an individual, therefore, need to know their alternatives, the reservation price and lastly is about an individuals aspiration which should not be looked down up. In critically analyzing an individuals goal, the purpose of negotiation will, therefore, help an employee not to aim below the expected outcome of offering a service to a specific organization. On the other hand, an individual need to ensure that their expectations of service should be realistic so as not to engage in non-constructive negotiations.

Successful and fruitful salary negation follows four tenets: Assessing the situation to make a better outcome, preparation of ones interests, asking or engaging with ones counterparts by providing them with ones unique information that will spur a better-negotiated salary. The fourth aspect is preparing a package of issues and thinking about proposing solutions. Adjusting points works better using if then terms. This means that its all about making arguments that have bases. Margaret uses her real-life situation to explain the importance of providing the employer with the relevant information that resulted in a successful negotiation. The four tenets, i.e., Access, prepare, Ask and should follow each other to come up with a proper salary negotiation. Packaging is the crucial step that will provide a basis for a better negotiation outcome. In this manner, the employer will get to know what they dont about the employee engaging in a negotiation for a salary hence will get to know the advantages of coming to an amicable conclusion on the issue of wages.

Therefore, it is important to note the four significant steps that can help an individual come to terms with an employer on the issue of salary. As an employee, one needs to know themselves, identify their strengths, skills and make them be in one package before accepting a job offer without negotiating for the salary. Therefore, it is essential to follow the four steps for a fruitful salary negotiation, i.e., Access, prepare, Ask and package.


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