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Recruitment of a Senior Lecturer in HRM - Paper Example

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University of California, Santa Barbara
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I would first focus on the identification of vacancy in the teaching course of HRM and then evaluate the need thoroughly. This will help in coming up with the right qualities of the person that will suit the lecturing position (Al-Kassem, 2017). Once the need for a new job is justified, I would then examine how it relates to the strategic goals for the University and HRM department.

The vacancy may not only be as a result of a newly created position but also as a gap left by an out-going lecturer in that depart which then prompts the need for replacement. In this case, I would review the role and determine any necessary changes required to ensure that the new senior lecturer will be able to deliver up-to-date services which may be different from the previous lecturer.

Job Description for a Senior Lecturer in HRM at University

JOB TITLE: Senior Lecturer in Human Resource Management at ABC University.

PURPOSE: This position entails the delivery of quality undergraduate and postgraduate teaching coupled with competence in research and knowledge transfer as framed in the ABC University Mission Statement.

TASKS: A senior lecturer holding this position is expected to perform and participate in a wide range of critical activities. First is efficiently communicating facilitating students learning; producing quality lecture and learning materials; publishing research papers; authorship of books and publications. Second, effective decision making participating in student selection panels; making collaborative decisions on the teaching and research programs in the university.

STANDARDS: the senior lecturer is obligated to augment the quality of teaching research programs both at undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

WORK ENVIRONMENT: Assuming the responsibility for students health and safety in the immediate working environment. Also, operating in a standard office environment and equipment. Moreover, a senior lecturer interacts with his/her colleagues from across the board over issues pertaining the institution.

Person specification for a senior lecturer in HRM at University

Pilbeams Headings: Contents Essential/Desirable Measure

Skills, Knowledge, and Competencies:

Team player

Good organizational skills

IT skills

Supportive of students academically and pastorally Essential



Essential Application form & Interview


Application form & Interview

Application form & Interview

Personality Characteristics:

Passionate about work


Approachable Essential


Essential Application form & Interview

Application form & Interview

Application form & Interview

Level of Experience:

Suitable teaching experience (at least 5years)

Experienced and active researcher

Industrial experience Essential



Desirable Application form & Interview

Application form & Interview

Application form & Interview

Application form & Interview

Certificated Qualifications:

Undergraduate degree

Masters (or its equivalence)

Doctorate (Ph.D.) Essential


Essential Application form

Application form

Application form

Physical Characteristics:

Physically healthy Essential Application form

Development Potential:

Willingness to work towards the university goals Essential Interview

Selection a Senior Lecturer in HRM

I will select the applicants based on how their cover letters and resumes correspond to the stages (1, 2, and 3) discussed above. For example, those whose applications entirely (or almost) meets all the requirements will be shortlisted interview. Applicants with relatively broader variation in suitability will be ruled out (Al-Kassem, 2017).

Interview questions for the shortlisted candidates for the job

Good Questions:

Tell me about yourself; Why do want this post? What attracted you to this University? Why do think that you are the best candidate for this position? What are your strengths and weaknesses? Do you have any question for me? These items are good because they are primarily about the job position and how the candidate's abilities are related to the industry.

Bad Questions

Which race are you? Do you smoke in public? What is your sexual orientation? How old are you? Are you married? How far is your residence?

These questions are toxic because they are too personal and discriminatory. Moreover, they are not job-related.

Workbook Task 2

Mini Case Study for the Reward Lecture Reward Policy

Additional monetary reward won't highly motivate medical Specialists who are overpaid. Instead, they should be recognized for good work and appreciated through the promotion of leadership position. The colleagues who feel that they are underpaid should be identified and encouraged to work harder. They deserve to be motivated by giving them a substantial monetary reward (Dosenovic, 2016).

Fundraisers should be rewarded, for example, by offering the top ten highest contributors a special holiday retreat. Also, all the fundraisers must be acknowledged by their identities for their generosity in contribution towards the research.

All the supervisors for charity will be recognized publicly for their commitment to serving the society. They will also receive a limited monetary reward as an appreciation for the same.

Under the umbrella of Head Office Administrative Staff, the women who feel that they are underpaid compared to their male counterparts should understand their roles vary in technicality. Perhaps the men are working for more extended hours than women (who are allowed to go home early to attend to their family responsibilities). Additionally, its more likely that women are granted more leaves than men since they are vulnerable to fatigue (Yaseen, 2016). They are allowed relatively long hours of rest as men continue with their jobs. This justifies that men do big jobs cumulatively.

Workbook Task 3

An Induction for a University Lecturer in HRM


Introduction to the University and Work

Person responsible - HRM Day 1 Mission, Vision, and Goals

Suitability of HRM Course to the University

Critical operational areas to be visited

Introduction to other Staff Members

Person responsible - HRM Going through the organization chartDiscussion of the general functions of the staffTerms and Policies

Person responsible - HRM Day 2 Ensuring that the new lecturer has gone through and understood the University terms and policies that govern the lecturers.

Performance Standards

Person responsible - HRM Outline description of the job performance standards

Defining goals and objectives

The University Work Culture

Person responsible - HRM Day 3 Clarification of the routine work hours, holiday requests, etc.

Other procedures, e.g., registration to the University Staff online portal for internet usage; transportation; parking, etcHealth and Safety

Person responsible Health and Safety Co-ordinator Day 4 Reviewing safety rules both in the office and lecture halls.

Showing all the available physical safety devices and their positions, e.g., fire alarms.


Al-Kassem, A. (2017). Recruitment and Selection Practices in the Industry of Business Process Outsourcing. Archives of Business Research, 5(3).Armstrong, M., Brown, D., and Reilly, P. (2011). Increasing the Effectiveness of Reward Management: an evidencebased approach. Employee Relations, 33(2), pp.106-120.Dosenovic, D. (2016). Employee Reward Systems in Organizations. ECONOMICS, 4(1).Induction Plan Introduces New Members Strategically. (2015). The Membership Management Report, 11(10), pp.3-3.Prepare for Job Interview Questions. (2016). Nonprofit Communications Report, 14(9), pp.7-7.Yaseen, A. (2016). Recruitment and selection process of the higher education sector and its impact on organizational outcomes. International Journal of Human Resource Studies, 5(4), p.79.

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