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Human Resource Management Analysis - Coursework Example

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Human resource management aims at enhancing employees productivity through overseeing employee recruitment, training, and development. Human resource function is expected to add value to the utilization of employees and ensure that the recommended and implemented employees programs positively affect the business.

Question 1

A well thought out orientation program is essential for all new employees, whether they have experience or not. I agree with this statement. The anticipated orientation program will make the employee feel more at home within the shortest time possible, the application is straightforward, and issues are dealt with in a short time and an organized manner. The employees are also able to start contributing and adding value quickly thus the increased confidence and esteem among the employees.

Motivation point application

Motivation points would apply in orientation and training lecture through; first the evaluation of the expectation of goal achievement and the importance of the goal. Evaluate the objective positively and the aspiration to achieve the goals. The goal is the critical factor that controls once behaviour. Secondly the through the implementation of the target, this refers to the way in which the goal is going to be executed.

On job training techniques

Job rotation, this training involves the transfer of trainees from one job to another. Trainee receives knowledge and experience from supervisors in each job assignment.

Coaching, the trainee is placed under a specific supervisor who acts as a coach in training the individual.

Job instruction, this is where the trainer explains to the trainee how the job is done and allows him to perform the task.

Committee assignments, a group of trainees, are asked to solve an actual organization problem, and the trainees have to address the issue jointly.

The main drawbacks in relying on the informal job training

Inefficiency, informal training tends to be less efficient. Managers take a lot of time trying to remember training requirements and techniques since the training lacks a systematic training process

Employee perception, employees perceive informal training to lack inspiration and dedication hence lowering employee motivation.

Evaluation, informal training means lack no specific goals hence the intended outcome is not visualize by the management.

The benefit of using cloud-based training

Increases productivity, you can quickly tell the areas need more training and regions with more skilled people. More useful options, learning management system is accessible to everyone and can be customised for any training necessary. Saves time and money, the most significant advantage is the amount of money and time collected.

The pros and cons of the developmental methods

In professional development, the disadvantage is that it is expensive and time-consuming while the pros are that it has sound learning and experienced professors. Coaching, the advantage of this method is one on one training, and the disadvantage is that the new managers only receive coaching from only other managers. Internal training programs, the advantage of this program is that training will be tailored to specific needs of the company; Job rotation is an excellent method to develop management trainees since this technique offers an opportunity to the trainee to understand the problems of employees on other job and respect them will tailor the training

Organizational development

Organization development is referred to the study of successful organizational change and performance. While Traditional organizational change is any change and its draws on specific methods that are defined for various types of organizational change.

Steps in training process

The various steps in the training process are;

Establish a need analysis, this step identifies the activities to justify and invest for the training.

Developing the program, this stage helps in the development of current job description standards and procedures.

Deliver training program; the step is responsible for the delivery of the training.

Evaluate the training program; this helps to determine how practical the practice was.

Carter case study

The things that carter should cover in their orientation are first the core values that they intend their employees to have or to follow. Secondly the compensation and when it will be paid. It should be delivered in PowerPoint to enable new hires to review. Thirdly, in case you orient employees with the needed values, it would be a fundamental reasoning for increased income for the carters. The carter should use the instruction sheet for the counter person jobs because task analysis form gives specific skills required for the position.

To train the cleaners and the pressers the best job training technique will be couching. Coaching will help ensure supervision of employees and any question they ask will be responded to on the spot (Dessler & Chhinzer, 2015). The counter staff should use the job instruction technique; this is a step-by-step process, the managers will require more training such as lectures, management games and behaviour model which builds on the manager's ability to implement the necessary behaviour


Dessler, G., Cole, N. D., & Chhinzer, N. (2015). Management of Human Resources: The Essentials. Pearson.

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