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HR Essay Example: Finding an Effective Manager

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The management of Walden Consulting Inc. is seeking to recruit an experienced and qualified person to become the companys new Director of Worldwide Consulting. The expected responsibilities include the management of teams of consultants that offer a wide range of management consulting services to organizations of all sizes and industries based in different regions all over the world. The director will discharge these services while working and stationed out of the home office in the United States. Immediately upon successful selection, the director is expected to create a positive and productive working environment and roll out effective processes to sustain it.

The desirable person who will be considered for this position must be an excellent manager able to tap into talents and resources of the company to support and bring out the best of others (Goleman, Boyatzis & McKee, 2017). He/she must possess the ability to work with diverse groups of consultants and always foster possibilities and productivity in others. The key competency required is creativity. The suitable person to occupy this position must exhibit a great deal of creativity. This ensures that he/she is competent enough to handle a diverse pool of consultants from diverse ethnic and racial backgrounds. The company requires creative directors to enhance cohesion and productivity. This important quality ensures the new director can pull the different pieces together by adding appeal and zest in the process.

The desirable person must possess relevant intuition to understand the different work environments and offer consultant services accordingly (Cabrera, 2012). He/she must possess the capacity to know without the use of rational processes the immediate needs of consultants and respond accordingly. This competency helps directors sense what their subordinate employees are feeling and thinking. This gives them the advantage to create a positive work environment among the employees that ultimately enhance the productivity of the organization.

The recruit must demonstrate a positive attitude and commitment towards the success of the company. He/she must be knowledgeable and well informed about management of an international organization. Thorough knowledge and experience of international affairs are essential skills to ensure that he/she holds the vision for the entire team members and thus possess the necessary expertise to move the team closer to the result (Drucker, 2017).

He/she must demonstrate a transparent behavior at all times. In this way, they are expected to lead by example by being disciplined and focused towards the attainment of the organizational goals and objectives. He/she must be able to live consistently by demonstrating the ability to lead the way on how, to be honest, and carrying out diligently the operations of the organization (Drucker, 2017).

A suitable candidate must be flexible to successfully establish a sustainable, positive, and productive work environment. He/she should be both non-reactive and not too attached to how things have to be. This implies the director must be open to change on a dime when necessary. This quality ensures that the director possesses the right versatility to respond accordingly to sustain and improve the productivity of the organization.

For this case, a candidate worth considering for this position must have at least five years' experience with proven records that he/she had managed more than twenty employees.



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