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A Career of a Sports Broadcaster - Paper Example

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Harvey Mudd College
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I would like to pursue a career as sports broadcaster after graduation.

II.Sports broadcasting dates back to 1930 when the first baseball game was broadcast live on TV. The game was broadcast by NBC and other channels have come up ever since.

III.a. As of 2016, the number of broadcasters was 50,600.

After the 2008 recession, employment in this field went down but is currently improving with the growth of the economy.

The jobs related to these careers are found on TV and Radios

IV.The main duties of a sports broadcaster are to provide coverage for a sporting event.

They are also supposed to research on sports activities and may also conduct interviews

The work is typically 8 am to 5 pm.

if there is a sporting event they have to stay until the game is over.


a.Both men and women can work in this field.

b. Most companies employ people who are above 18

c.One needs to be healthy a physically fit because the job may require field work.

d.It is also important to be enthusiastic about sports and have a bachelor degree (St. Petersburg College).

e.The most common way to enter the field is earning a degree, getting an internship and climbing through the ranks as one gets to experience. I would prefer the same method because it is straightforward


My career plan involves getting a degree and a diploma in broadcasting.

I used the library and the internet to research about this career.

VII.The two fields related to the one I am interested in are war correspondents and sound engineers. A war correspondent covers news in war-torn areas while a sound engineer ensures there is quality sound in either TVs or radio.


Some of the firms hiring sports broadcasters include; ESPN, Fox Sports, and Euro sports news.

If I were to apply for this job, I would seek the recommendation from my coach, teacher and intern supervisor.


I expect the highest salary to be $300,000 per year

Average pay $50,000

Lowest pay $30,000 (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics).

b.Some the expense that I may meet in following this career is fees for my bachelor degree.


a. The benefit that one may derive from this field is an opportunity to travel across the country covering different sports.

b. Some of the hazards may include working in dangerous places such as mountains or cliffs.


The advancement in this career mostly require experience

The advancement in this career does not need further training

However, the more one advances the more duties one is assignedThere is no need for more education to hold on to a job.

XIII.The career is interesting especially for a person who likes adventure and I plan to join the field in the future

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