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Essay on Individualist Collectivist Culture

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Research paper
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Individualism relates to the way people relate to others. In an individualist culture, the wants of the person supersede the wants of other people in the group. In an individualist community, people are expected to watch for themselves or even the immediate family (Andre 270). Conversely, in a collectivist populace, individuals from infancy henceforth are merged into robust, cohesive in-unions, and extended families.

Leadership enhancement is crucial because companies adopt the characters of their leaders (Andre 273). Leadership is an intricate matter. Regardless of how some leaders may appear to go about their work of management effortlessly, the trajectory of a leader is usually accompanied by persistent difficulties and contingencies. The work of a leader is not to tackle every problem individually, but to motivate his followers to address the challenges. The best leaders identify that they do not have solutions to every problem and so they continually re-educate themselves.

Individualism is an old concept. It animated about 250 years ago in the United States (Andre 275). The country was founded upon the principles of individual responsibility and self-dependence. These virtues were key to the Founding Fathers mentality as they impacted the cultural, economic and political entities of the promising country. The Founders particularly emphasized on individual liberty (Zaharna 200).

It is normal for conflict to emerge once in a while. Everyone perceives the environment around distinctively, and thus we take different choices. Always have a positive mind when looking at conflict (Zaharna 205). Conflict is a natural development procedure and shapes the culture of the company. Creating a formal grievance method accessible to all employees is important. All workers at all ranks should be able to voice their opinions, and they should receive reasonable feedbacks promptly.

The mass media has influenced and continues to shape an essential function in the evolution of today's individualism. The culture of individual ecstasy, the importance of pleasure and the model of intimate satisfaction are dispersed throughout mass norms, television, and press. These medias have made it possible to fulfill these wants, and the self-love has become a socially acceptable way of practice, exemplary for the masses.

Providing discounts for new registrants will encourage more people to enlist. Involving employees and the administrators to augment visibility within the campus builds cohesion. Adopting different approaches to sending invitations is a great step of convincing college students. Incentivizing learners with physical rewards tend to bring the students together (Zaharna 208). Issuing refreshments at occasions make the students happy and keep them going during discussions.

Team satisfaction is cardinal in assessing whether the approach is successful. Most of the time, this issue is ignored assuming that people will always appear when required. The quality of a venture is a great metric to measure the effectiveness of a technique. The outcome of a given project normally impacts another. Therefore it is key to govern quality and adopt changes to undertakings ahead accordingly.

Companies create groups to accomplish goals that enhance the quality of commodities, decline wastes or eliminate inefficiencies in a system. Leaders ensure that there is effective communication between team members. Also, leaders should regularly update team members on the progress of an undertaking. Leaders should inspire their followers. They do this by leading by example. Leaders also have the responsibility of establishing a plan to attain goals of a given venture.

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