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Presentation Example: The Strategic Action Plan Based on SWOT Analysis

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Rationale of the Plan

This strategic action plan aims to examine the challenge of low employee morale and low productivity within the company. To achieve the organisation determine the possible causes of poor employee morale. Determine the relationship between poor employee morale and low productivity within the organisation. Finally, recommend two solutions to the problem and how to achieve them by within one year based on the SWOT analysis.

SWOT Analysis


High brand quality

Strategic alliances that boost the brand quality as well as the companys bottom line

Torchbearer of the telecom industry

With 19+ years in the market, it is one of the renowned telecom companies ("SWOT analysis or TOWS matrix of Airtel," n.d.).


Outsourced operations

Venturing into African operations

High debt


Strategic partnerships

Market development

Value-added services

Untapped geography of the current market

Long-term evolution


Government regulatory framework


Mobile number portability

Action Plan

The company should start by identifying the causes low employee morale. They can accomplish this task within two months. The management should monitor the workers using employee satisfaction survey (Abbott, 2003). Being a telecom firm, employees have to work 24/7 giving them very little time to rest and spend time with their families. The survey will enable the board know some of the challenges their worker's experience (Abbott, 2003). After identifying these issues, they should relate them to the current low productivity within the organisation. Low employee morale can have a drastic effect on the productivity of the company hence should be dealt with once detected.

Poor network services to the clients make workers especially customer service agents receive insulting words from the customers hence making most of them to ignore customers call. By doing so, most clients opt for other telecom services like Safaricom thus low productivity for the company. As stipulated in the SWOT analysis, they should ensure that they improve their network services to satisfy their customers needs. That should be accomplished within two months. By providing that proper network services, their workers will receive pleasant calls hence motivates them at work. Increase workforce to curb the issue of long working hours through Monthly recruitment for at least six months. Within six months, the company should ensure that its employees work for not more than eight hours per day to grant them enough rest and also spent time with family.

Flow Chart


Low employee and low productivity


Poor network services

Long working hours


Monthly recruitment for at least six months

Improve network services within two months

Budget Plan

The company will spend 5million dollars to ensure this program is successful.


Benefit of the Project

Increased employee moral hence high productivity for the business. After having enough rest, the workers will always come to work with refreshed mind therefore objective in meeting the goals of the firm. Improved network services will encourage the workers in receiving the clients calls and attending to their needs in a friendly manner hence high productivity.


Low employee morale in the organisation will automatically affect its productivity. The earlier the causes are identified and solved the better for the companys growth. Low productivity can quickly damage the revenues of the company hindering its growth (Bowles & Cooper, 2009). The implementation of the above action plan would present a significant change to the company.



Abbott, J. (2003). Does employee satisfaction matter? A study to determine whether low employee morale affects customer satisfaction and profits in the businesstobusiness sector. Journal of Communication Management, 7(4), 333-339. doi:10.1108/13632540310807467

Bowles, D., & Cooper, C. (2009). Current Trends, Issues and Myths in Employee Morale. Employee Morale, 167-191. doi:10.1057/9780230250789_6

The SWOT analysis or TOWS matrix of Airtel. (n.d.). Retrieved from


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