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Andrews Company Overview

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Andrews Company is one of the best information technology firms in America. It was established in 2009, and it has exponentially grown to be among the top tech firms in the country. The company nowadays has more than a thousand employees working in different outlets of the firm. Its main intention is to render top quality IT services to small business. Moreover, Andrews Company is committed to ensuring that small businesses improve their customer services by implementing recent technologies in their operations. One of the keys to success for this organization is the implementation of the broad differentiation strategy. The Companys products have been able to appeal to a wide range of clients because of their top quality and affordable price. Furthermore, these products have unique properties that clients need. It is evident that there is a very high competition in the American IT industry and Andrews Company had to implement the broad differentiation strategy for it survive. This strategy forced the company to reduce the price of some of its products, improve the quality of their services and products, and most importantly adopt customer friendly approaches in their marketing department.

The Companys mission is to give small businesses the power to improve their operations using the latest technologies. Many small businesses use Andrews Companys products when dealing with financial transactions, analysis of customer behaviors, the projection of the buying and selling trend, and security. The firms vision is to ensure that they assist small businesses in meeting the standards of top organizations. The only way these small organizations will reach the level of the big firms is by adopting top technological practices in their processes. This will translate to high productivity, and as a result, their operations will broaden.

Andrews Company has six departments that are the Marketing, Production, Human Resource, Finance, Research and Development, and the Total Quality Management departments. I have been fortunate enough to work in all of the six departments. In the Research and Development department, our main objective was implement top research strategies to influence the customer behavior and most importantly develop top quality products. For instance, to meet the customer buying criteria we had to divide our market into different segments based on the quality of the products to be sold. Products in the thrift and nano segment were of low quality and cheap whereas products in the Nano and Elite were expensive and of high quality. This strategy was meant to attract customers from both the low and high-income classes. In the marketing department, we invested 1.8 million dollars into the promo budget for us to widen our customer base. Our pricing strategy was based on the fact that consumers in the Nano and Elite segments value high-performance sensors while consumers in the Thrift and Core segments value cheap sensors. Furthermore, we estimated our sales budget to be 2.5 million dollars. In the production department, we implemented state-of-the-art automated machinery to cut the labor costs. And at the same time, we acquired more machinery to enable us to cater to the increasing demand. We did a lot of transformations to the Human Resource including channeling more resources into the department in the view of increasing the productivity and reducing the turnover. The company was losing a lot of talented employees due to reasons such as low pay, unconducive working environment, and poor training. Therefore we needed to change things a bit by investing in the department. Finally, we invested in all of the TQM programs, spending approximately 3.2 million dollars in total. We used $500, 000 during the data collection program, $1,200,000 during the data analysis program, and $1,500, 000 for data processing program.

The actual market share units for the four market segments are as follows: Thrift had 25.8% of the market, Core had 32.6%, Nano had 20.6%, and finally Elite had 21.0% of the market. Andrews Company closed the financial year with 1,948,652 shares with a book value of $80.16.

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