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Coursework on Human Resource Management: Workplace Safety

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16-1: Explain how to reduce the occurrence of unsafe acts on the part of your employees?

As the manager, one has the responsibility to inform their employees to keep take their safety as a number one priority. They have to put in measures and set standards that the employees should meet to be safe. Most of the accidents that happen are blamed on the company and management negligence. Each day the management has the mandate to review the actions of the employees that put them at risk of an accident. They need to supervise their daily activities closely to prevent any act that will put the employees at risk. They also need to set disciplinary measures to prevent the employees from engaging in unsafe acts. The firms should be strict in administering safety measures for the employees, any violation of safety standard set by the company should be met disciplinary actions to keep the employees under watch always.

16-2: Explain the supervisors role in safety?

The supervisor has the role of ensuring that the employers meet the set safety standards by the law for employees. The supervisor should always go through the day to day activities of the employees and note areas that need repair. They can even question the employees about their health and the potential accidents in the area of work. They have the role of ensuring they offer alternative routes in case of accidents in the working areas. They are supposed to make sure the safety measures that are set by the company are met in the working places. Through this, the company will not incur liabilities because they have ensured the safety of its workers. In case of any violations by the employers, the supervisor recommends ways to ensure safety, and even they can cite penalties to the employers for a safety violation. They are supposed to keep a record of their daily findings and share them with the employer for them to take actions in ensuring safety measures for every worker.

16-3: Explain what causes unsafe acts.

Unsafe acts are actions that the employees that engage in while they know they may lead to accidents, example running at the workplace. These acts are caused by impatience of the workers, lack of concern for their health and wellbeing and sometimes availability of insurance from accidents. When the employees realize they are insured and in case of anything, they will be compensated they tend to be more reckless in doing their jobs. These actions also depend on personality traits, like a person who is easily distracted by cell phones you will find they are more prone to accidents. Sometimes some people are unlucky, and they find themselves in such situations. Also, all these actions cannot be controlled by the employers since they don't have control over one's personality.

16-4: Describe at least five techniques for reducing accidents

Identifying and eliminate unsafe conditions: the administration should identify the unsafe conditions for workers and make the necessary changes to the conditions favorable for workers

Use personal protective equipment: the employees should have personal protective equipment such as helmets and gloves whenever at work.

Establishment of a safety policy: this policy should be emphasized on employees to avoid unsafe acts at work

Conduction of safety inspections regularly: this prevents unprecedented surprise accidents. Through inspection, one can learn the behaviors that cause accidents in the workstations.

Training: educating the employees on the safety measures that need to be taken at workplaces makes them aware in order to prevent accidents. It is through training that the employees are taught how to handle machinery and chemicals at workstations.

16-5: Explain how you would reduce stress at work

Taking relaxation periods within work hours to break from dull work, this is possible by walking around workstations to relax the mind. Negotiating for reasonable deadlines with the boss also helps to avoid overworking and pressure. Creating a good working relationship with other colleagues also helped in stress reduction at the workstation. In case of any problems, it is also good to talk to friends who understand the situation. It is also advisable to get enough sleep after. In cases of extreme stress at work, an employee should seek professional assistance from a counselor. Stress at work can lead to accidents; therefore it is not appropriate to operate machinery at workstations while the mind is not clear.

16-15: How should the firm go about identifying hazardous conditions that should be rectified?

They should identify hazardous conditions through inspection and use of a checklist for hazardous conditions. It is through inspection that the employers get to know what the employees go through. The employees will be able to communicate with the inspectors on what conditions should be rectified and the risks they take at their workstations

b).Use checklist as those in figures 16.6 and 16.8 to list at least 10 possible dry cleaning store hazardous conditions.

Slippery floors

Water spill on the floor

Insufficient exits

Insufficient ventilation

Lack of emergency handling to employees

Lack of properly constructed storage racks

Lack of sufficient fire extinguishers

Defective dry cleaning machines

Improper electrical wiring which may cause accidents

Unclean room with tone carpets.

16-16: Would it be advisable for the firm to set up a procedure for screening out accident prone individuals? How should they do so?

It is advisable for the firm to put up a procedure to screen out accident prone individuals to increase the safety of each worker. Through screening procedures, it will be easier to take precautions against acts that cause accidents at work. They can achieve this by separating those who act carelessly and recklessly towards accident actions. This is done through supervision and inspection during working time. They can also identify those that have repeatedly been involved in accidents and separate them from other workers. Safety of everyone should always be a firms priority for its employees at all time.

16-17: How would you suggest the Carters get all employees to behave more safely at work? Alsop, how would you advise them to get those who should be wearing goggles to do so?

I would suggest that the carters should put in place strict disciplinary measures for employees who violate safety measures. However, before taking disciplinary actions against the employees, they are supposed to offer training on the importance of safety and how to avoid unsafe acts at work at the time. The carters should educate the employees on how to handle each chemical they use to avoid reckless handling. They can also make every worker sign a workplace safety policy which binds each employer to the standards set in place by the carters. These measures will make sure each worker is ensuring safety at workstation always. On those not wearing goggles, they can be laid off from work to act as a lesson for such behavior; this will make sure that everyone wears goggles while working.



Dessler, G. (2011). Fundamentals of human resource management. Pearson Higher Ed. 5th edition, 515-554


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