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Presentation Example: American Humane Society

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The American human society is an organization which is dedicated to ensuring the safety of animals. From the year 1877, the organization has focused on enhancing the safety and wellness of animals in addition to increasing the relationship between human beings and animals. It also provides shelter to animals and ensures that they are placed in good homes; homes with people who are ready and willing to accord adequate care to animals (American Humane Society). Adequate organizational management puts into view achieving the goals and mission of an organization while putting into view the needs of the associated stakeholders (Miner 16). The analysis puts into view four organizational behaviors present in the American Humane Society in regards to how operations are conducted.

One organizational behavior exhibited by the organization is transparency of operations. Transparency puts into view informing the stakeholders and the public on the events and activities being done by the organization in addition to financial information (Miner 17). American Humane Society ensures transparency by ensuring that all the records affiliated with its activities and board activities are accurate and well-maintained. The organization also ensures that its annual reports and the audited financials are available to the public in addition to its 990s. It also ensures transparency by abiding by the IRS expectations and the law (American Humane Society). It is important to note that transparency increases the morale of the members of staff as they feel a sense of importance when the management updates them on a companys progress (Miner 17).

Another organizational behavior exhibited by American Humane Society is ensuring that the stakeholders are highly involved in its operations. The stakeholders, in this case, include the members of staff, organizations that work with American Humane Society, donors and any other individuals or organization interested in ensuring that the organization is successful in its operations. The organizations service to its stakeholders includes; meeting its obligations as per the law and code of ethics, organizing and attending board meetings on a regular basis, and illustrating independent verdicts. The organization also engages in delegating duties to responsible people, engaging in follow-ups to ensure that the associated duties are done as expected in addition to being informed of the events that may be affecting its operations (American Humane Society). Involving stakeholders in an organizations operations is important as they assist in the developing of consensus, and provide valuable input in addition to improving the outcomes of operations (Miner 17).

The third organizational behavior that the organization exhibits are accountability. Accountability puts into view the aspect of responsibility concerning the operations of an organization (Miner 18). It ensures this by abiding by the law and ethical standards, providing comprehensive fiduciary judgment in addition to bidding competitively in regards to important expenditures to ensure that crucial operations receive the priority (American Humane Society).

The forth organizational behavior exhibited by American Humane Society concerns conflict of interest. This puts into view acting neutrally just in case of a conflict until a problem or issue is solved (Miner 20). The organization operates by its Conflict of Interest Policy whereby it disengages from providing any judgment (American Humane Society). The idea is to prevent the involved parties from feeling that the organization favors one side.

As stated earlier, the analysis puts into view four organizational behaviors present in the American Humane Society in regards to how operations are conducted. The organizational behaviors exhibited by the organization include transparency, accountability, conflict management and stakeholder involvement. It can be perceived that the areas contribute to the stability and the growth of the organization.


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