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Historical Essay Example: Civil War Building

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The timeline of the 1850s was a decade in the 19th century that had great events. In the United State, tensions concerning slavery were very prominent, and the celebrations began placing the nation on the road towards the Civil War. Great powers helped in fighting the Crimean War, and also new technologies were being celebrated.

Five Significant Events That Occurred During 1850 And 1860 And Their Effects on The Growing Tensions Between the North and The South 1850

On January 1850, the Compromise of 1850 in the US Congress was introduced. The legislation had an impact in delaying the Civil War more a decade. On 27th January, Samuel Gompers who was the leader of the labor was born. On 1st February, Edward Eddie Lincoln, who was four years old of his parents Mary Todd Lincoln and Abraham, died in Springfield, Illinois.

The Year 1851

On the 1st May, the critical exhibition of technology was opened in London which was attended by Prince Albert and Queen Victoria. At the grand presentation, prize-winning innovations were portrayed that included photographs by Cyrus McCormick the reaper and by Mathew Brady.

The Year 1852

On 20th March, an article about abolitionist, Uncle Toms Cabin was published by Harriet Beecher Stowe. On 29th June, the death of Henry Clay, who was a great legislator; his body was transported from Washington D.C. to Kentucky which was his home, and elaborative funeral observation were held in the cities. On 4th July, Fredrick Douglass gave a speech that was notable, The meaning of 4th July for the Negro.

The Year 1853

On 4th March, Franklin Pierce was sworn in as the President of the United States of America. On the 8th of July, Commodore Matthew Perry sailed towards the harbor of Japanese which is the present-day Tokyo, where he had four American warships, where he demanded to deliver a letter to the Japanese emperor.

The Year 1854

On March, the Crimean War was begun, and on 31st March the Treaty of Kanagawa was signed. On 30th May, the Kansas-Nebraska Act was approved and became law. The legislation was designed to ease the tension over slavery. On 27th September, the steamship S.S. Arctic came into collision with another ship off the coast of Canada, and it sank creating the significant loss of lives.

How Civil War Led to Slavery as A Result of The Events Between 1850 And 1860

The fugitive slave act when it was amended and passed which was the part of the compromise of 1850. The bill entitled that the federal officials who would not arrest the fugitive slaves were liable for paying a fine. The act of the compromise of 1850 was the most controversial part because it caused many abolitionists to increase their efforts against the slavery. Furthermore, the law increased the activities of Underground Railroad where the fleeing slaves made their exit to Canada. Abraham Lincoln concluded that Harriet Beecher Stowe the book she published Uncle Toms Cabin in 1852, helped in causing further abolition which eventually led to the outbreak of the civil war. The debate about the future of slavery led to the disruption of the union. The dispute brought secession, and secession led to the Northern and the Western states and territories fought to preserve the Union, and the South fought for their Southern Independence establishment as a new confederation of the rules under its own Constitution.


Summarily, the Civil War would not become inevitable; this is because the timelines of the events that led to the Civil War between 1850 and 1860 brought considerable tension between the North and the South. For instance, the Civil War resulted in the Compromise of 1850, and when it was passed, the Compromise of 1850 declined California as a free state. Also, the voters who were in Utah and New Mexico territories were given the grant of the right to decide whether they would allow slavery. Publication of the Uncle Toms Cabin, which was infuriating the South by banning the state's sales. As a result of that, when President Lincoln met Stowe in the White House, they had a disagreement that caused the Civil War.


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