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Podcasting - Practical Persuasive Message

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Podcasting is a modern way of communicating with people in the organization. It is an ideal tool that can be used in auditing firm when communicating with workers and clients. Podcast builds a loyal audience to the company clients that makes them come back to listen to what you expect to tell them. It is unnecessary to have a fancy and expensive podcast but it should only be worthwhile to allow the expected clients to listen time and again (Heffernan, 2005). There are very few cheap types of equipment which are needed to produce a quality podcast. These equipments include computer or Smartphone with strong internet are enough to use podcast. Using podcast is not costly because it does not require fancy equipment and softwares to develop a good podcast. Sometimes, it can podcast can be created without using the money from locally available equipment. It is not a must to spend money in order to create a podcast it may be done freely. The podcast is very suitable and undemanding to consume. It only requires you to subscribe to podcast feed or download a new one to the computer whenever they appear to listen to them at anytime time you wish. It does not limit you to any given time but gives you an option to use them at your convenient time.

There is no cost incurred when creating a podcast but it requires limited amount of time to create it because it only requires downloading of podcast feed freely without any consideration so long as there are computer and internet. I recommend that it is necessary for the company to create podcast messages in-house. This is because it makes communication channel more effective to promote the company product. Podcasting makes information personal and allows the company to talk to clients directly through video. It can allow the company to illustrate its products and also show the clients the nature and quality of its services. Podcasting is, therefore, more intimate way of getting information than reading emails and other documents. I recommend the company to use it because it is time efficient as it allows different clients to listen to a podcast while doing other home or work duties. This makes clients to prefer it than another form of communication used by the company.

Furthermore, it is portable and can be used in any place. This is because it can be transferred into a personal media like iPod and gets the information about the services we offer at any point in and outside the company. The company can best use Podcast when advertising its accounting services. It can communicate to different clients directly at a minimum cost because it transfers information from the company to different clients digitally. It, therefore, eliminates another cost which the company can incur when using other forms of communication such as storage costs. It is essential to use a podcast for making financial updates such as financial reports on an annual basis (Berry, 2006). The company can also use it when making a company announcement on financial reports or give out memos to employees. There are some kinds of the announcement that the company can also make using podcast namely internal company announcements which third parties should not hear about. Based on the above information I recommend that this company should build in-house podcast because it has very many benefits that the drawbacks.



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