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Paper Sample: Career in Agribusiness

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University of Richmond
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Research paper
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Background, Brainstorming, and Planning

One of the most important decisions a person will ever make in their lives is choosing the correct career choice. This is significant since is going to affect one for the rest of their lives (, The Importance of Choosing a Career Path.,2 Aug 2017 I conducted extensive research on some of my suitable career options in future to come up with the best-fit career option. I chose from those careers I considered interesting to me and would be able to keep me financially in future. My possible career option would be a major in Agribusiness. I have an interest in agribusiness since it fits into my life goals of becoming a successful entrepreneur and would also give me a substantial amount of business opportunities to exploit in future (Ohio state University, I did my research by brainstorming through various articles online and websites that have a relationship with Agribusiness. I also consulted people whom I considered as my mentors and who did agribusiness or any business-related course. This would be useful since it could give me a better insight on whether I had made the right career choice.

Specifics, Skills, and Steps to Success

During my research, I found out that agribusiness entails anything dealing with agricultural products with the aim of making a profit in mind. These activities might include the processing and manufacture of agricultural products with the goal of selling or trading them in exchange for profit (Ohio State University, A major in agribusiness is, therefore, going to involve learning of financial economics and application of business principles with the aim of gaining agricultural market shares in the market(Briggs,15). I also found out that beginning salaries of agribusiness graduates vary depending on their skills but can be as high as $40000 (After You Apply - Columbus Campus Freshmen - The Ohio State University, 18 May 2017, ). The research confirmed my expectations on a major in agribusiness. Its a promising career. I will be happy doing this job long term since I am interested in financial economics which is one of is one of the requirements.

Realistic expectations

I have a childhood ambition of becoming a successful entrepreneur. I expect that I will successfully manage to gain admission into Ohio State AG Tech Institute so that I can undertake a major in agribusiness and. This will enable me to achieve my goal of becoming dealing in agriculturally related finance and business.

Goal #2

Background, Brainstorming, and Planning

Applying for a major in agribusiness and economics would be able to give me the opportunities of either becoming a small business owner or a loan officer. These two careers options are made possible in that they integrate the critical skills of financial application principles and also management that are the foundations of agribusiness (Ohio State University, All these career options interested me since they would be able to afford me a financially stable future. They apply the same financial principles concepts ( After You Apply - Columbus Campus Freshmen - The Ohio State University, 18 May 2017, At this stage of my research, I felt that I was on the right track in applying for a major in agribusiness and economics.

Specifics, Skills, and Steps to Success

I managed to find out some specific skills that would be needed by agribusiness major, a career path as a small business owner and also the career option of being a loan officer. To successfully apply for admission to undertake a major in agribusiness, I would need to have scored highly in mathematics in the ACT Test score. This major also requires one to have a basic knowledge of business studies and therefore I would have to train on primary business studies (Ohio State University, The major also requires one to have discipline, and I would, therefore, be necessary to have a recommendation letter from the school. To be a loan officer, I would be required to have skills in maintaining close customer relationships. I would also be required to combine agricultural and business concepts to estimate the financial needs of each customer correctly. I should also be equipped with enough agricultural knowledge that would help me in enlightening customers on how to plan their finances well for their farming operations ( The Importance of Choosing a Career Path.,2 Aug 2017 I would, therefore, need to undergo extra financial training that would impact me with the knowledge of record keeping and also be able to deal with loan defaulters. This would entail working on financial portfolios under close supervision from experienced loan officers.

Realistic expectations

A major in agricultural economics seems challenging enough, but I believe I am up to the task. I expect that future training afforded by this major would be very rigorous and demanding. Some of the challenges that I expect to find along the way include hard examinations and training sessions. However, I would overcome these hurdles by training hard.


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