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Intercultural Management at Monsanto Europe - Essay Example

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George Washington University
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The case looks at the endeavors of Monsanto as a company. This case study is in the forefront of engineering the ideas of ideal progress in improving agricultural production via the introduction of genetically modified products as well as the development of a variety of chemicals that include pesticides and herbicides to the United States and the United Kingdom. However, some challenges affect this progress based on the adaptability of individuals to such products. This arises due to the fear of unknown environmental and health effects. There are primary critical management issues also in this case study. If such problems are solved, it will enable Monsanto to meet the laid down objectives quickly. For instance, Monsanto will adequately manage the genetic engineering that caters to both human and environmental health. Equally, controlling the reaction of various customers in a convincing manner that can enable their commodities which are chemically based to be accepted with ease. Handling the agricultural production process ensures that all the genetically modified foods do not lead to people lacking sufficient food to partake. Hence through solving the hunger problem is without affecting the climate is an ideal progress.

Therefore, the application of cultural dimensions through the use of integrated cultural practices such as biological and mechanical in controlling of pests and weeds with use of chemicals as the last option is all that should be advocated. Secondly, creating educational awareness on biotechnological innovations in advance to make the vast population understand and have the curiosity to try various chemical commodities being produced before developing any product should also be considered as being a crucial part of life because in general science most of the unsuccessful genetic engineering processes end up causing mutation. In fact, if all these are given significant consideration then a considerable population is likely to be satisfied with any technological development in the agricultural industry.


All in all, the practical solution to such critical issues should be based on how each of the players who are the manufacturers at the producing end and the customers at the receiving end perceive on how they view one another's deeds. Most importantly, Monsanto should ensure that the perception on their products is taken rightly and with clarity mainly by focusing on the cultural dimensions that consider human life and environmental health which is regarded as significant rather than concentrating on their commodity and profitability. Thus, beneficial to both parties.



Living and working in Korea

It is clear that working in Korea is difficult mainly because of the new little outstanding experience as well as an unconsidered background about Korea Therefore, with no work in such case, it makes life or rather living in Korea challenging as well. However in this case study, when one is new and not recognized sorely, and he or she achieves such a platform, it is rarely considered constructive because of the neglecting one is accorded. For instance, language translation is not given priority to promote business partnerships. Struggling to learn Korean language, culture, mannerism and business etiquette to prosper makes life seem more difficult.

In fact, what makes a living and working in Korea be difficult is associated with part of the critical management issues. If these management issues can efficiently address, one can be able to achieve efficiently. For instance, Korean authority towards eliminating management issues, they can consider setting up a management consultant panel that is not biased in any manner to embrace good working relationship. Equally, management of communication between foreigners and those who fundamentally depend on the Korean language should be encouraged and aided by relevant bodies. On the same note, through controlling of the general business etiquette in Korea mainly because it is tied to language and culture. Moreover, there are cultural dimensions that can be involved to facilitate the management of such issues through learning and to adopt them hence helping one to gain from them significantly. They can equally develop the right business etiquette through promoting interaction in various activities and exchanging of business ideas and card. Finally, they can embrace working as a team by incorporating others of same interest in one's business and using hierarchical position obtained to make teamwork efficient.


All in all, unlike traditionally in Korea, the involvement of women in development is what later enabled Ellen projects to be approved by the system implementation team. This is not just because she cooperated in all incidences but because her educational background and skills were not questionable. In some cases, a project aids one in achieving the intended goal. However, it should be known that managing issues takes time to cater for items such as culture and language barriers that prominently may ruin business and project presentations.


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