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UK (UCAS) Personal Statement - Admission Essay Example

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University of California, Santa Barbara
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Admission essay
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It can be perceived that our society was built upon technological advancements and technical knowledge to make life better. Computer science can be viewed as a construct which has demonstrated the potential of making peoples lives better. The world has experienced tremendous changes from the time that the industrial revolution was instigated. Evidence such as economic progress, technological innovations and inventions, time efficiency and improved living standards indicate how life has become more efficient for each person. Also, technology advancements make it possible to better health informatics such that there are improvements in the quality of life. I find it important to engage in a field which is affiliated to technology as it provides me with the opportunity to be part of projects that make a difference in peoples lives and hence the interest in applying for a major in computer science.

As a professional Go-Kart racing driver sponsored by Kratingdaeng and Telkomsel, I have been blessed with the opportunity to travel and to compete in races around the world. As expected, the participation meant missing some days in school. However, I tried my best to catch up and ensure that I was in line with the associated syllabuses. I consider the efforts as significant as I studied more in addition to acquiring proper study habits. I strive to do well in all of my classes, and this motivates me to be more attentive during school hours. Admittedly, missing out on school work had been an ongoing challenge especially with the fact that I was handling seventeen subjects. However, I view it as a valuable experience as it increased my interest and morale to read more and perform well. I believe that my efforts indicate that I am a responsible individual in regards to the choices that I make. They also indicate that I am a focused, motivated determined, committed and a hardworking individual. Missing the classes also provided me with the sense of independence whereby I did not rely on being spoon fed by my teachers but rather engaged more in individual research. From an individual perspective, the subjects that I take, Math HL, Computer Science HL, Physics HL, Economics SL, have made me a good problem solver. This is because they prompt critical thinking skills and relating problems to real-life situations. The subjects are perceived as demanding and require individuals with the mental abilities to handle the pressures. However, I view them as manageable especially since I am a versatile individual and have the advantage of sports boosting my mental abilities. Also, My IB courses havent only expanded my knowledge about different subjects, but they have also taught me on how to approach problems from various perspectives. The courses put into view developing algorithms necessary for solving certain problems in which I find them interesting as I get to view life from a different perspective.

It is important to note that developing applications is not the only effort that has potential to benefit society. Cyber Shanty is a CAS service project that I have been part of particularly in my involvement in teaching underprivileged kids on how to use technology. The reason I am passionate about Cyber Shanty is that its very aim is to provide kids with the necessary skills that they need to use computers to their prospects. On computer hardware, my friends and I created a Beowulf Cluster in which we donated computer processing resources to projects such as Rosetta and SETI through BOINC. I believe that my efforts through education and sharing processing power have been beneficial for society. This past summer, I participated in a four-week internship programme with Telkomsel which is a major mobile network operator in Indonesia. I was part of the IT Service Management Group in which I assisted in creating an IP validator and a monitoring dashboard API for a bot, using PHP and MySQL through Lumen. The experience was worthwhile as it gave me an insight into working as a computer programmer and applying skills that I have learned in the IB Computer Science HL to real-life situations.

Apart from my academic prospects, I am an active participant in community and voluntary services. From an individual perspective, giving back to the community is one of the factors that result in individual development. It connects one with the society such that it becomes easier to understand the relationship between ones profession and the needs of the community. Some of the community service activities that I engaged in include; educating underprivileged students from a local school on modern technology, coaching underprivileged students on football, cleaning the streets of Jakarta under a school project and entertaining orphans, collecting money for the needy individuals in my society, assisting the JAAN organization in gathering money used for finding helpless animals, putting resources together with my peers to get orphanages Sembako and taking part in the organization of school events. I am also active when it comes to academic competitions such as the World Scholars Cup in addition to engaging in a musical crew both in and outside the school environment. I believe that what makes me unique or rather identifies me is the ability to balance between academic and extracurricular activities.

From an individual perspective, Interpersonal skills are essential in any profession particularly because we live in a social environment. Adequate social skills make it easier to adapt to any environment in addition to developing good relationships with peers and colleagues. I consider myself as a social person who can be attributed to the activities that I have engaged in. A field such as sports requires teamwork which can only be achieved in the presence of proper communication. I always ensure that I am in good terms with the people that I relate with and maintain a professional conduct. I always receive comments that I am a jovial person and tend to be friendly when socializing with new people. I also enjoy collaborating with individuals from diverse backgrounds particularly when it comes to learning new ideas and even languages as ways of individual growth. I appreciate diversity and being in an institution that values diversity is a bonus on personal and professional development. I also view myself as an ambitious person when it comes to achieving goals which are realistic. I view the virtues of resilience and determination as key factors in the achievement of goals.

Computer Science major is a tough major. However, the knowledge I will gain throughout the course is a powerful skill that has potential to bring benefits to society. I am certain of professional development and growth once I become part of an esteemed institution such as yours. I hope to take part in projects that will benefit both the institution and the surrounding community.

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