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Personal Statement Example

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Sewanee University of the South
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To have trainings in the field of HR to develop my skills  

My purpose is to achieve the highest form of professionalism and be a leader in the business world. I want to be independent and nurture other future people who want to engage in business like me. My values are honesty, commitment, and determination. My mission is transform my life and help those around me transform theirs as well

Questions to guide choice listed:

Where do I want to see myself in three years?

What skills should I add to help me gain my vision?

What are my strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats?

Current job market examples:

What skills are needed when working as a human resource officer?

What knowledge does one require to run a hotel industry?

What certifications are needed when starting a business?

Marketing and Implementation Strategy

Marketing positioning statement

Understand the needs of customers before designing products to increase the probability of satisfaction and positive response from clients. Market my business to the target market before starting operations.

Compelling values offered to society include commitment and willpower to dreams and goals as everyone has a chance to achieve what they set to do

I stand out in a population due to my high level of commitment and ability to withstand the challenges that I might meet along the way

Risks and Mitigation

Key milestones

Achieve the highest level of education that I can which will help me in life

Commit myself to start my business after school

Measuring success:

Measuring achievements will depend on my ability to start the business.

The number of customers that visit my premises after starting the traditional food restaurant will help measure the reception from public

According to Windrum & Koch (2008), some of the factors that limit success include:

Failure to complete my studies

Lack of finances to start my business

Inability to remain focused

Risk mitigation:

Remain committed to complete my studies

Conduct a feasibility study in the marker about restaurants

Start saving early to have enough capital


Observation of ethical practices in a business is a marketing tool for most businesses (Drucker, 2014). Some of the ethical principles my restaurant will adhere to include the following:

Maintain the highest form of professionalism

Observe honesty when dealing with customers

Mentors to pursue my dreams are my parents and elder brother. Their commitment and ability to withstand challenges in life have defined their success today.

Summary of business plan: Determination will drive me towards success

Learning from Failure

I have failed in the past and felt pain due to the expectations I had when starting out a clothes business when I was in my first year in campus. However, after the business failed to pick up, I did a personal evaluation test and realized that I had indirectly contributed to failure. For instance, I failed to conduct a feasibility study to understand the market and understand the needs then bring goods they wanted. From this lesson, I learnt that understanding the market, customer preferences, and needs contributes to the success of a business. Before starting my restaurant business, I will first study the market and position my firm to attract more customers.



Drucker, P. (2014). Innovation and entrepreneurship. Routledge.

Windrum, P., & Koch, P. M. (Eds.). (2008). Innovation in public sector services: entrepreneurship, creativity and management. Edward Elgar Publishing.


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