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What Are the "Invisible Forces" That Motivate You to Do What You Do?

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Our actions are caused by our decisions that cause things to happen in our lives or accomplish anything that we set our mind upon. However, there are invisible forces that provoke the actions and the thinking process to do things. Without motivation, one would lack any drive in life and accomplishment. Progress in our individual life and also in the society is as a result of the invisible forces that motivate us into action.

The need for self-fulfillment

The art of fulfillment is a significant invisible force that forces human beings into action according to Tony Robbins. In this case, the need for fulfillment in life and achieve greatness is an internal force that shapes our decisions and actions hence, motivating us to achieve specific milestones in life for individual gratification (T. 2007).

Resourcefulness (Creativity, curiosity, passion, resolve, determination, love)

The need to be resourceful in the community has a significant role in translating to our actions with the aim of expressing our capability through creativity. Resourcefulness is an internal drive that is created by the ability to have the passion for certain activities such as charity. Another cause of resourcefulness is the curiosity of our minds which forces us to take actions to assess the outcomes of certain actions. However, the ability to have the determination and resolve to achieve something can mainly be attributed to the love of other people. For instance, one can engage in specific business or leisure activity because of their love in doing the activity. Love is a significant motivation that causes the change in perspective and drives one to make certain decisions (T. 2007).


At the moment our emotional state shapes our long-term worldview and action. People with needs need to make certain decisions and changes in their lives to ensure that they do not experience such need in the future. Needs are a significant motivating factor for people to seek work so that they can earn enough to meet all their material and emotional needs. Emotional needs such as the need to be loved pushes individuals to be able to go out and seek friendship. However, Mell Robbins argues that despite knowing what we need at every point in time achieving what we need is difficult because of the lack of resolve and determination to activate actions that will lead to fulfillment and achievement of what we desire (T. (2011).

Belief system

Our belief system has a significant role in motivating our actions; different belief systems push their followers into actions that meet their beliefs expectations. For instance, terrorists are motivated by their belief system to sabotage their lives and those of their victims to achieve religious gratification. On the other hand, Christians are motivated to preach peace and reconciliation amongst warring political and community factions because of their belief system that advocates for peace.

Need to feel significant and contributing beyond ourselves

Our actions are motivated by the need to feel significant and achieve internal gratification. People are motivated to achieve greatness to become significant and of importance to the community. Therefore, the need to be recognized is a significant driving force that promotes certain actions. Also, people male decisions with the aim of contributing to the society. Therefore, Mel Robins agrees that the quality of our lives is shaped by the quality of our emotions and thoughts which are the invisible forces that drive our actions and decisions.



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