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Industrial Hygienist Salary Range in Your State - HR Essay Example

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Every career has a compensation package, and companies, businesses, and organizations consider salary as the primary reason why people decide to work for them. Employers provide compensation packages for its employees, and an industrial hygienist is no exception. The compensation package for an industrial hygienist (IH) includes the basic salary, bonuses, and other valuable benefits which compromise of social security, disability allowance, healthcare compensation, pension contribution, and time off allowance.

Many industrial hygienists work for either private corporations, federal or state government agencies as salaried staff and earn an average of $97,973 annually which is composed of salary and bonuses. Other industrial hygienists are into self-employment or consulting, but there is no much difference regarding the compensation package. The salary earned depends on the level of education, years of experience, and the performance in the job. For instance, an industrial hygienist with a bachelors degree earns a salary that ranges from $91,117-$99,340 while one with a masters degree earns $92,363-$100,708 annually. This amount is a payment for being an advisor, setting standards, and making a recommendation that enhances the safety of the workplace. This salary scale will impact on my career choice because I admire the work of industrial hygienists and the compensation package is attractive.

An industrial hygienist with a Ph.D. or its equivalent with three to four years of experience and reports to the Board of Directors earns a projected salary of 96,518-$106,178 annually. These wages are a compensation for the work they do such as coordinating, planning, and conducting programs to educate employees on cleanliness, sanitation, and safety. Furthermore, industrial hygienists are paid for inspecting and evaluating facilities to ensure that they comply with environmental regulations, and provision of procedures that reduces occupation health risks and accidents. All these roles require at least a bachelors degree, 4 to 7 years of related experience and mandates one to report to the manager or supervisor. Such an industrial hygienist is paid $91,117-$99,340 annually.

Furthermore, salary paid to an industrial hygienist depends on certification one holds, the type of industry, the primary service of the offering, and the location of the company. Other factors that determine the salary include the scope of the primary job responsibility, and the number of people managed. For instance, certification is carried out by American Board of Industrial Hygiene achieved after attaining the minimum experience, meeting the education requirements, and demonstrating a certain level of knowledge and skills. Candidates attain the Diplomate of the American Academy of Industrial Hygiene status after meeting requirements in areas such as air sampling, biohazards, ergonomics, hazard communication, and health risk analysis. Additionally, being a certified safety professional is an additional advantage to the industrial hygienist as this attracts a higher compensation package.

Moreover, an industrial hygienist is entitled to benefits in the place of work. These paybacks earned are a sign that a company cares about the well-being of their employees and are enjoyed by an industrial hygienist. These attractive benefits have influenced my career choice because I want to study so that I get employed in this sector. The total value benefits for an industrial hygienist is $36,759 which include retirement, social security, disability, healthcare, time off, and pension allowances. These benefits offer the employee a good experience as they increase the engagement and satisfaction of a worker. The total salary, bonuses, and the benefits paid to an industrial hygienist is $135,211. This compensation package has impacted on my skills and abilities because I am working towards gaining the knowledge and experiences that would equip me with academic and practical skills that fit this outstanding occupation.



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