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Work-Life Balance and Job Satisfaction - Research Proposal Example

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Sewanee University of the South
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Dissertation proposal
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Contemporary research indicates that there exists a sense of connection between work-life balance and job satisfaction especially in an epoch where the debate of gender equality has gained much traction. Conventionally, work-life balance may be defined being able to function well both at home and at the workplace with minimum instances of role conflicts. Equally important is the fact that the success of any organization hinges on its talent pool and optimised competencies of the workforce. The performance of employees also influences meeting the defined objectives of the organization which may, in turn, be influenced by factors related to work or family or both (Shanafelt et al., 2012). The complex interactions of such components coupled with the dynamic and competitive nature of companies, stress has emerged as an imperative and influential factor. Hence, the relationship that exists between an individuals professional and personal life can be buffered using emotional intelligence and better stress management. Another unique observation is the stark contrast that is evident in the prevalence of work dissatisfaction amongst the women population since the distribution of duties between women and men has remained unaffected over time. Consequently, this paper focuses on offering insight into the research questions, objectives, potential contributions of the research including the literature review on work-life balance and job satisfaction.

Research Questions

The main focus of this research is to answer the questions below:

1. Is there a connection between work-life balance and job satisfaction?

2. What are the aspects that impact job satisfaction?

3. What is the influence of stress on job performance?

4. Does stress affect male and female workers disproportionately?

Research Objectives

1. To study the impact of work-life balance on job performance

2. To identify the components that may reinforce job satisfaction

3. To find out the impact of stress on job performance

4. To identify prospective differentiating factors between male and female employees.

Research Potential Contributions

The study intends to corroborate information that is consistent with research that has been conducted within the last decade concerning the influence of work-life balance on job satisfaction. Moreover, the paper intends to narrow down to the integral role played by stress in the workplace and the need for developing coping mechanisms that would safeguard against the advent of undesirable consequences. Work stress also culminates in losses to the organization and the nation and understanding such dimensions amongst other components highlights the essence of achieving work-balance and how to mitigate stress.

Literature Review

Traditionally, it was a widely accepted notion that the liability and responsibility of work rested with the menfolk who served as breadwinners while women had the responsibility of delivering on domestic chores. Nonetheless, the advent of globalization coupled with the need to foster gender parity stimulated a paradigm shift where women are contributors as an earning member of the family. The efforts geared towards building a successful career are always hampered by the uneven distribution of responsibilities. Women are expected to play multiple roles such as being a wife, a caregiver, a mother and an employee which ultimately creates friction between family and work roles. Attempting to strike a balance by juggling between such responsibilities has a direct influence on the career performance including the physical and mental well-being of a female employee (Shanafelt et al., 2012).

Moreover, women encounter numerous instances of sexual harassment, stereotyping and discrimination which trigger insecurity leading to a sense of confusion as to where to raise their voices against such vices or continue to suffer in silence. Additionally, the society perceives women as being emotional and slow decision makers hence are unfit to make strong decisions especially in senior managerial positions (Damaske, 2011). As a result, their career progression is placed in jeopardy since senior managerial positions demand prolonged hours of work commitment, seminars, conferences and tours which interferes with their families.

Because of gender discrimination at the workplace women often encounter psychological stress that affects their work performance. These often subject women to become dissatisfied with their jobs and lose work balance. Different literature exploiting the discrimination of women that has characterized work environment over the years will be used in this study to ascertain how gender inequality contributes to the lower productivity of organizations. Besides, through this literature review a thorough assessment of how women who work in organizations that recognize gender experience job satisfaction and work-life balance. Equally important is the examination of how women who are unfairly treated in their workplaces develop coping mechanisms to adapt to such kind of work environment (Cha, 2013)

Moreover, from this literature review, the best strategy that women should adopt would be discussed to alleviate themselves from widespread gender inequality in different organizations that are dominated by men.



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