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Paper Example on Learning English as a Foreign Language

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University of California, Santa Barbara
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Thesis proposal
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Learning a second language is a complicated process that requires patience and hard work. However, the rate of success in learning a new language is not only dependent on the intelligence and hard work of the student but also the motivation levels and attitude of the student. Motivation is a prerequisite for success in all fields. Two main aspects are essential in learning a second language. One is the attitude of the learner towards the language and the second is communicative need (why the student is studying the new language). For most individuals, learning a second language is because of the social environment they find themselves in and the need to communicate. An individual will be more motivated to learn a second language if he or she perceives the need to communicate with others.

In an increasingly global society, it is imperative that all students be equipped to take their places in the current world where culture boundaries are growing smaller daily. Many students in Indonesia seek tertiary education in universities in developed nations since these institutions are better equipped for preparing an individual for success in international business. For Indonesian students learning English as a foreign language is an overwhelming task that requires motivation, concentration and effort.

Statement of Problems:

In Indonesia, English has been relegated to the fringes of daily usage because of several reasons. The first reason is that Bahasa Indonesia has been highly promoted by the government. The language is used in almost all social and government contexts. The other reason is that many political leaders shun the use of English since they will be accused of embracing the western culture and despising the conservative values of Islam in the county. Studies have shown that most EFL students lack motivation in learning English. Student attitudes affect learning. An attitude that is positive facilitates and helps the student while negative attitudes can have a negative effect. The findings of this research will be essential in providing motivation methods to be used for EL learners in Indonesia.

Objectives/Statement of Purpose: The purpose of this study will be to examine and assess motivational teaching strategies that enhance motivation for Indonesian EL learners.


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