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Summary of Your Responsibilities and Achievements - Admission Essay Example

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Harvey Mudd College
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Admission essay
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Please provide a report of no more than 600 words which details your past experience and roles. This should concentrate on the past 5 years/3 roles, but if you have other relevant experience please include this in your report. For each position you should state the company name, start and finish dates, list of achievements, responsibilities, level of authority and autonomy.

My first job, I was working as an Engineer at Associated Engineers, Ltd. for four years from 13th May to 2013-4th February 2017. During this period, I completed several major trainings, for example, Appointed Person for the safe use of Mobile Cranes (BS 7121), Common Law and Reasoning and Institutions (80-hours course), Public Law (80-hours course) training among others. My major job responsibilities were to perform professional engineering work in the design application, construction, and repair of complex installation, components circuits or devices. I also completed significant problems procedures, definitions and evaluation, initiating and participating in quality, productivity, and process, improvement projects, carry out cost estimation and preparing engineering proposals and also providing project team in sourcing and selecting equipment. I worked on several major projects, for instance, Supply, Installation, and Maintenance of Refuse Handling Systems, upgrade for the ship-docking system and retrofitting for Elevating Transfer Vehicle at Air Mail Centre with Siemens among others.

For project management, I not only needed to prepare the technical document submission which entailed project working program, method statement, and SHE documents but I also prepared a commercial document which entailed costing estimation, material selection, and contractor performance monitoring. Sometimes, I was required to conduct the interim meeting for project progress update, design review, and project coordination. Temporarily, I was also required to be on-site for project monitoring, coordination and technical problem-solving. At the end of the project, I was required to conduct the testing and commissioning of the whole system for handling over to End-user. In some circumstances, I was also required to travel to different countries to conduct Factory Acceptance Test to ensure that the equipments sold met the clients need before shipment.

For authority and autonomy, I was always required to report to the senior management to update them on project progress during monthly department meeting or annual meeting. During the regular meeting, I was required to prepare the cost estimation plan, contractor selection plan and update project progress. If these reviewed documents were approved, I would then make the final submission to the client for consideration.

Currently, I am working as an Assistant Engineer at Hong Kong Aircraft Engineering Company Limited where I started on 22nd March 2017. Since I joined this company, I have had major training in Certificate in Safety and Health for Supervisors (Construction) and Certificate Course on Novel Technologies for Chillers. To explore more engineering and build up my network, I participated in engineering visits in Korea. My major job responsibilities in the company are to implement new designs, modify and improve hangar equipment and building facilities to meet the company needs and statutory and airworthiness regulations. I also coordinate with different parties to ensure smooth operation of the project and solve any technical problems encountered during the project phase. I also monitor the performance of the contractors on their quality of works and project progress; ensure all deadlines and milestones dates are met and working closely with subordinates to clarify their responsibilities, priorities, and providing a high level of coordination among project team members. Most of the time, I coordinate with the procurement department for equipment, project tender, and quotation, to ensure there are sufficient consumable parts and spare for daily operation.

For authority and autonomy, while working at HAECO, I am also required to liaise with users to identify their primary requirements and provide the best engineering solutions as per relevant statutory provisions and engineering standards. I also have to report to the Head of Section to update them on the project status and also prepare necessary cost estimation with justification for senior management or final user review.

A: Optimise the application of technology

Use a combination of general and specialist engineering knowledge and understanding to optimise the application of existing and emerging technology

Please give details on the following:

A1 How have you maintained and extended a sound theoretical approach to enabling the introduction and exploitation of new and advancing technology and other relevant developments?

A2 How have you engaged in the creative and innovative development of engineering technology and continuous improvement systems?

You could reference your ability to:

Identify the limits of own personal knowledge and skills/Strive to extend own technological capability/Broaden and deepen own knowledge base through research and experimentation.

Establish users needs/Assess marketing needs and contribute to marketing strategies/Identify constraints and exploit opportunities for development and transfer of technology within own chosen field/Develop and evaluate continuous improvements systems

In Design, Supply, Install Refuse Handling System project, since the original design had been used for more than ten years, a new update for volume storage control device needed to be designed to suit modern public estate design. I did a modification for the monetized gate and designed a new spring nut adjuster to resolve the defect. I was required to produce the first prototype for the product and conduct cycle testing. Although senior management rejected the prototype, it gave me an opportunity to gain experience on mechanical equipment.

In Siemens Elevating Transfer Vehicle (ETV) retrofitting project, I was appointed as a site engineer. I not only provided supervisory for site progress, but I was also assigned the responsibility to upgrade the communication and electrical system. The major electrical component had been phased out, and the system needed to be modified significantly. Siemens designed a solution using Profibus communication and reinforced the base structure by user installation. I was responsible for providing installation solution to the equipment. As a result of this, I developed a simple method to ensure the termination quality before handover to client. I also developed a series of welding procedure according to AWS Welding Handbook.

In ship docking project, I was required to provide a performance enhancement for mooring line system. I introduced a long-range digital communication system using Modbus to connect all the sub-system. The design provided reliable data reading and also allowed users to map different readings for different applications, for instance, the CSU remote control. In case of any poorly damaged load cell instigating difficulty on a replacement, I designed a quick load cell remover using Solidworks, I designed a 50 ton of load cell puller and tested it through the 3D analysis and then presented my idea through a technical report.

When I was assigned the task of replacing an aging air compressor which had a critical breakdown, it imposed a great challenge. To fill my knowledge gap on the compressor, I attend relevant courses organized by Hong Kong Institute of Engineers. After balancing the cost and benefit from a different vendor, I was introduced to using Variable Speed Drive (VSD) technology to decrease energy consumption effectively.

B: Analysis and solution of engineering problems

Apply appropriate theoretical and practical methods to the analysis and solution of engineering problems

Please give details on the following:

B1 Have you identified potential projects and opportunities?

B2 How have you conducted appropriate research and undertaken design and development of engineering solutions?

B3 How have you implemented design solutions and evaluated their effectiveness?

You could reference your ability to:

Explore the territory within own responsibility for new opportunities/Review the potential for enhancing engineering products, processes, systems and services/Use own knowledge of the employers position to assess the viability of opportunities.

Identify and agree research methodologies/Assemble the necessary resources/Carry out the necessary tests/Collect, analyse and evaluate the relevant data/Draft, present and agree design recommendations, taking account of cost, quality, safety, reliability, appearance, fitness for purpose, environmental impact/ Undertake engineering design.

Ensure that the application of the design results in the appropriate practical outcome/Implement design solutions, taking account of critical constraints/Determine the criteria for evaluating the design solution/Evaluate the outcome against the original specification/Actively learn from feedback on results to improve future design solutions and build best practice.

I worked as a project engineer with the responsibility of cost estimation, installation, and T&C for New Refuse Handling System. I communicated with different utility parties to come out with solutions. I was also required to attend regular site progress meeting and report installation schedule.

In Siemens ETV retrofitting project, I prepared welding specification and site instruction according to Siemens design. Since some of the requirement were DIN standard, I needed to compare with all the technical requirement for them to comply Hong Kong local regulation. For instance, most of the standard used DIN rather than BS. Therefore, I need to compare each component with the ones for Siemens Engineer to ascertain their designed performance. I was also responsible for replacing the existing rail supporting system and provide welding specification to rail welder according to the material specification.

In the ship docking project, recent inspection indicated some of the components of Berthing Aid System of the Ship Docking System deteriorated and lead to adverse effect on berthing operation. Throughout the initial site inspection, I discover that monitoring is operated at the same time and working independently. Most of the parts are phased out, for instance, the PCB board for display board and signal drifting for loading monitoring system. Therefore, I designed a centre system that not only monitors the force acting on mooring line for advanced alert and for the operator to keeping a safe distance but also provided an additional jetty docking information, instance weather update and GPS docking aid for coal vessel through Modbus technology which I learned from previous ETV project. I also upgraded the equipment manufacturing method to maximize the service life for personal equipment, for instance, the sealing method for load cell and communication for individual equipment among others.

For Replacement of Air Aging Air Compressor, I reviewed the use of the situation of air for the whole plant. To accomplish that, I recorded the power reading data and plotted the data against time and air use. This enabled the entire plant to start up frequently because the most air was used for cooling purpose. I introduced the VSD technology for broad Range of pressures bands to ensure maximum efficiency and to reduce energy costs insufficient floor loading. To further co-operated with existing air compressor, I was also determined to integrate the air compressor into existing Building Management

C: Technical and commercial leadership

Provide technical and commercial management

Please give details on the following:

C1 How...

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