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Free Foreign Languages Thesis and Essay Examples

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The Linguists: Fieldwork Techniques - Documentary Film Analysis Essay

The documentary The Linguists is a film produced in 2008 by Ironbound Films that expounds on the distinction and documentation of languages. The film follows two scient...
4 Pages 
(972 Words)

A Linguistic Analysis of Word-Borrowing in French - Paper Example

Presently, various languages are open to the influence of the English language and adapting to the change is different for the various languages. Infiltrating English lan...
7 Pages 
(1884 Words)

Paper Example on Learning English as a Foreign Language

Learning a second language is a complicated process that requires patience and hard work. However, the rate of success in learning a new language is not only dependent on...
2 Pages 
(497 Words)

Essay Example on Descriptive and Prescriptive Grammar

Descriptive and prescriptive grammar are two distinct terms that are used in the description of a language. Descriptive grammar involves describing a language as directly...
3 Pages 
(667 Words)

Interlanguage: The Effects of the Second Language on First Language Learning

It is a common notion that learning the second language differs significantly from learning the native language or rather the first language. Even though there are some d...
3 Pages 
(589 Words)

Self Description as a Teacher - Essay Example

Language is an essential communicative element and learning and understanding foreign language helps an individual to communicate with the world beyond their country. It...
3 Pages 
(600 Words)

Solutions to Foreign Language Deficit. An Essay Example.

Some critical steps could be taken in addressing the problem of foreign language deficit. First, professional associations should advocate for the training of foreign lan...
5 Pages 
(1163 Words)
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Research Paper Example: The Ebonics Controversy

Introduction Ebonics is a merger of two words that is ebony and phonics and this is what comes to form what is referred to as black English. This language was b...
7 Pages 
(1863 Words)