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Emory University - Admission Essay Example

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Harvey Mudd College
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Admission essay
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One thing I appreciate about Emory University is its mission of creating and maintaining a dynamic and welcoming community that is dedicated to the lifelong success as well as the positive transformation of its students. This mission means so much to me because it signifies that the university is student oriented (Emory University, n.d.). This means that the university strives to give students more importance by structuring its programs along student needs. The university has gone an extra mile in offering world-class services and programs and promoting a sustainable and healthy environment that allows students to become independent and pursue what they believe.

I believe that Emory University is one of the best universities in the world. Currently, it is ranked number 21 in the Best Colleges and National Universities. This ranking means a lot to me because it shows I will study in a highly recognized university, which increases my chances of getting a job after I complete my studies. My success, however, depends on how well I will utilize the universitys vast resources.

Emory University has numerous student resources that are geared at enriching the lives of students while studying there. It runs student counseling services, health services, and Emory Cares 4 U program (Emory University, 2018). The student counseling services are free for use by for all enrolled graduate, undergraduate, and professional students undertaking their studies there. These counseling services mean that the university is interested in supporting my future mental health and well being once I start my studies there.

To take advantage of all resources offered at Emory University, I will start by taking a proactive role in all my learning programs. During my time at Emory University, I plan on getting a feeling on different programs in diverse fields so that I can tailor a unique experience for my academic and career path. I will also ensure that everything I learned during my university years is not limited to the classroom experience. I will make sure that I attend other programs including digital courses, online courses, and Volunteer Emory. I am particularly interested in Volunteer Emory as the program will give me an opportunity to gain leadership and community service skills.

I also understand that getting engaged with different learning opportunities is the best way to enrich my life at Emory University. University life is not only about books and classes. Studying at the university will offer me with a chance to involve myself with new hobbies, as well as connecting with a lot of people from diverse cultural and educational backgrounds. This will require me to push myself away from my comfort zone and try out different new opportunities. I believe Emory University is the best way to start forming friendship networks, which may help with my career.

One thing that motivates me to learn at Emory University is due to the fantastic learning environment. This is an opportunity for a student like me who loves going after better opportunities. Atlanta has so many companies that are continually looking for talent, and this offers me a chance to take advantage of the universitys location and reputation to gain practical experience from these companies. In general, there is more to experience and explore, a diverse university with advanced resources located in an industrial area will give me a unique learning experience that I can not get anywhere else.



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