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Essay on College Papers Formatting

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Wesleyan University
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Yes, everything in my paper including headers, the main body of my mini-literature review, and my references are in 12 point Times New Roman font. Additionally, everything in my paper is double-spaced, including references in terms of the spacing above and below each line and not the spaces following a period. The margins on all sides of the paper are characterized by one inch from the top of the page, one inch from the bottom, and one inch from each side. All the first lines in all paragraphs are indented roughly inch. My paragraphs are aligned left such that the text is flush left, with lines lining up on the left of the page, while the next ones look ragged.

Of course, I need help in figuring out how to configure a word document in APA format for purposes of ensuring that I insert headers, page numbers, and indents, among others in an appropriate manner. I must admit that the video that was recommended for me was excellent in walking me through setting up an APA formatted paper.

The title page of my paper is written appropriately. I do have the phrase Running head in my header characterized by a lower case h. however, the rest of my Running head title is ALL CAPS and 12 point Times New Roman font. I have a page number (1) that is flush right and also in 12 point Times New Roman font. The title of my paper is less 12 words with each word capitalized as the APA format recommends. Additionally, my title, name, and institution elements are centered and in 12 point Times New Romans.

Literature Review Study One (This section is nearly identical to Paper I) Yes No Title for the literature review. I have an identical title that I used on the title page rewritten at the top of the literature review. The title, in this case, is as well centered and my literature review starts on page two. My main body of the literature review starts broadly, giving a brief overview of the study that is likely to come. My literature review starts to narrow down towards my hypotheses.

The kind of formatting has become part of my professionalism. All my class work is of quality and I always give out best to my lectures. The paper communicates at first sight because of the excellent formatting. The cover page and titles of my papers are always done the right way. Many are times when students struggle to write a quality paper. The question is, do they even know how to format an academic paper in an appropriate manner? APA is a format that is being used globally in academic works. For instance, the American Psychological Association uses the format frequently. To cite and to paraphrase documented research and sources using the format becomes the easiest thing to do. The format is best in educational psychology and other sciences. I had a chance to use other formats such as Chicago style, MLA but I must admit that the APA format has turned out to be the best for me. Its guidelines and rules are easy to understand and use such as selection of headings, length, tone, punctuation, presentations, abbreviations, figures and even citations of references. Its not a wonder to see how most of the colleges and universities are demanding students to use the APA format.


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