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Aspiration: The Function and Its Impact on Peoples' Ordinary Life. Argumentative Essay Sample.

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Argumentative essay
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Hermia, one of the protagonists of William Shakespeares A Midsummer Nights Dream, plans to escape from her father Egeus, who forces Hermia into marriage with Demetrius without her consent. Eager to follow her path for love, Hermia elopes with Lysander to go on a journey. Just as Hermias aspiration led her to live a desired life, ambitious dreams have an important role in an individuals life. Aspiration allows individuals to surmount obstacles, clarifies their pathway, and motivates them to contribute to the society [PS].

People can forbear and overcome difficult situations by having motivation which is derived from their aspirations. During a lifetime, individuals encounter numerous obstacles that can frustrate them; however, each has their solutions to overcome these frustrations [CP w/ConADV]. Some obstructions can seriously deject people and make their life miserable. In A Midsummer Night's Dream, Helena, one of the main characters in the play, keeps getting rejected by Demetrius, whom she is in love with. Helena seeks Demetrius in every scene which makes her appear desperate for love, I am your spaniel, and, Demetrius, The more you beat me I will fawn on you (II. i. 210-211). However, Demetrius responds with a disdainful look, Tempt not too much the hatred of my spirit, for I am sick when I do look on thee (II. i. 218-219). Despite Demetrius' contempt towards Helena, she is motivated by her love for him, and her aspiration and solid mindset allows her to persevere. Similarly to Helena, Sophie Germain, the French mathematician who presented the elasticity theory and other significant studies [AP], also faces challenges during her study. Germain was able to write the treatise about elasticity; however, at first, her studies were rejected during the competition which was hosted by Paris Academy of Science, Germain submitted her paper in 1811. Being the only entrant, she lost (Popova). Nevertheless, she persisted. The Academy ran another competition after two years, She submitted a new paper, anonymously, in 1813 which was again rejected Still, Germain was persistent (Popova). After two more years of work [ADVSC], in 1816, the organization finally accepted her paper. She submitted a third paper and became the first woman to win the accolade from the organization (Popova). In fact, her intelligent works changed the scientists view of elasticity and other subjects in natural science. In the process, however, she encountered multiple failures before she could finally be accepted. Just like Hermias and Germains story, aspiration promotes motivation in people, assisting them to overcome various hindrances.

Aspiration is not only able to grants people motivation, but it also helps individuals choose a clear direction for their desired future. In the past society and even today, people strive to find directions for their future; similarly, people can also observe these usual patterns in most comedic works. In particular, the author Louise Cowan mentions general plot structures of comedy in his book, The Terrain of Comedy. He introduces that "Comedy takes place in a fallen world; it begins with established disorder it moves toward the recapturing of those qualities" (Cowan 15). Overflowing with fallen parts, the status quo is fixed and refined by the protagonist who craves for a better society. In fact, those protagonists eagerness to rebuild the community inspired them to advance in a particular direction. Seneca, the Roman Philosopher, was also given intuition by a similar idea. He announced the treatise regarding the shortness of life and the productivity, and it has been accepted for more than two thousand years. Seneca argues the following regarding the achievements of individuals, They achieve what they want laboriously; they possess what they have achieved anxiously (as cited in Popova). This quote implies that the yearning will lead individuals to a certain pathway, and ultimately bring them to their desired future.

When individuals have a clear aspiration, they can contribute significantly to social development. People can study and investigate specific topics that they feel passionate about. Michelle Feder, one of the authors of Big History Project website that provides credible sources for past events, wrote an article about Marie Curie, the nuclear physicist who found new radioactive elements. In the article, she provides the background information and the discoveries Curie contributed to a science field. Curie had a clear aspiration to learn about subjects in natural sciences, After graduating from high school, Curie wanted to continue her education in physics and mathematics (Feder 4). Curie genuine interest in natural sciences is a fundamental factor that led to her achievements, Uranium gave off an entirely new form of invisible energy and Marie Curie was motivated by the desire to know why (Feder 5). Without Curies eagerness in physics and experiments regarding radioactivity, more than ten boxes of the periodic table would not have been filled. Moreover, Sophie Germain introduced in the field of natural science a platform for further study by contributing to some theories. The improvement in the field of natural science would not have been found without Germains passion and eagerness to win an accolade in the competition hosted by Paris Academy of Science. As shown in these examples, individuals with greater aspirations have the will to dig deeper in their subjects, acquire profound knowledge, and discover legitimate studies that will change the world.

In conclusion, some individuals have underestimated the impact that aspiration can bring to ones life. Individuals are motivated to achieve their desired future, and they can also contribute to the society by discovering new ideas in the subjects that they are passionate about. Aspiration is not just a simple dream but a necessary thought that must be cherished to accomplish life goals.


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