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A Moral, Theme or the Lesson Learned. Personal Essay Example.

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Before 2016, I had a dream of becoming famous out of doing something that contributes to changing or making the world a better place. When home alone, most of my free time is occupied by watching local Chinese channels. It is through this channels that I came to watch Jack Ma, a Chinese businessman, who happens to spend most his free time in educating and encouraging masses on TV. At first, I was about to change the channel but my instincts succeeded in influencing me to listen to the man a little longer. The more I listened the more I got interested and concentrated.

Jack was talking about the goodness of human nature. He gave various interesting examples to show helping others can contribute in making one achieve his/her dream. At this point, I was concentrated on the program fully since it was all about what I loved, helping others, and how one can become famous and inspire more people into doing it. In one instance Jack spoke of how he encourages his employees and his love in learning from them. This made me reflect on my nearby neighborhood, which is comprised of mostly poor families and friends that I have made from those families. I met some of my friends from these families when I decided to accompany my father, who works in a governmental organization involved in promoting education for all, and they had organized a tour to an area that happened to be a few kilometers from our home.

According to the schedule of the event, they had to organize parents and children into different groups to give talks on the importance of education to them. First, they had to talk to the parents to know the problems they were experiencing in educating their children. Those parents whose children had dropped out of school had to get advice and support to enable them to get their children back to school. As my father and other officers from the organization talked to the parents, I decided to go and interact with the children who were already assembled in a group just meters from where their parents were. Some of this children were at my age although not many had reached my education level at the time.

Just after joining their company, we started interacting freely and knowing each other as we played together. I was shocked how friendly and welcoming they were. And this made me some friends whom I visited thereafter many times. I would convince my parents to buy some clothes, books, and playing accessories whenever I went to visit them. Some of who were at my level in terms of education was very intelligent and I enjoyed learning and studying with them, whenever such an idea came up. So my desire to help others; especially the poor, was strong and when I heard Jack speak about it, I was happy as I would easily relate and fill encouraged too by knowing I was on the right path.

As I have always accompanied my father to holiday vacations, in 2016's winter vacation I went to Guizhou province in China with him. He's a government official and they initiated a charity auction, which is to help and encourage the children in poverty-stricken areas to read. I went to a local elementary school and taught a Chinese lesson for a class of kids. I introduced several books to and interacted with them. I remember I talked about some Chinese and foreign masterpieces and played games with them for the better part of that day. Coincidentally the event was government sponsored and the media had been invited and our lesson where I was the teacher was amongst those recorded by Beijing news although they said they would choose the best to report on live TV, So, there were no guarantees that all the recorded content would be reported on TV.

To my surprise, this lesson was reported by Beijing news. Later I even appeared on TV news for this (and several second long videos that record me talking to kids in the classroom was shown on TV). This made me believe in dreams. They come true.

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