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My Desire of Becoming a Chiropractor - Paper Example

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University of California, Santa Barbara
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Admission essay
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My name is Kelly Tran from New Orleans, Louisiana. I attended my high school education at Grace King high school and proceeded to Xavier University for pre-meds in the year 2009. Since then, my dream has ever been becoming a professional Chiropractor. My passion for becoming a chiropractor was driven by the suffering and pain that was inflicted on my society as a result of this disorder. I wanted to help my society get rid of this condition because, if left untreated can lead to long-term effects on the nervous system. I realized that for my dream to come true I had to attend a good college that could make me learn theoretical and practical aspects of this condition and the solution was only Palmer Chiropractic College.

In addition to the above reason, I wanted to create awareness to the entire society and the globe as a whole on this disorder so that appropriate preventive measures could be taken. Ideally, nothing is more important than the health of an individual hence I wanted to save lives that were being lost as a result of this condition. I wanted to create a positive influence on the victims of this state and to promote sustained health to everyone. Moreover, my other reasons for dreaming of becoming a chiropractor are based on the fact that the field of is of late one of the established forms of complementary medicine hence the profession is actually in demand. Besides, I felt that I would be satisfied with my career since as I would be able to get help patients, especially in cases that they have tried other means and have not worked well for them. Finally, I wanted a job that is more secure and being a chiropractor is not far from the careers if not being one.

I had my reasons for choosing Palmer Chiropractor College. First, it is considered to be the founding institution of this condition as it was the first ever college of Chiropractor in the entire globe. Moreover, the college has produced more professional and certified chiropractors who are recognized worldwide. This fact gave me motivation because I was sure of becoming a professional chiropractor at the end of my study. Indeed the college is a dream for anyone who ever wishes to become a Chiropractor. In addition to this, the mission statement of Palmer College made me feel proud of the College, and it also made me feel like I have already attained whatever I was going to study. The institutions mission statement was to promote learning and to educate students to prepare them to become qualified doctors of chiropractic to serve as direct primary health care providers and clinicians, promote wellness and deliver health assessment to diagnosis and manage patients health care needs. What else did I need apart from all this? This college was outstanding regarding education and having necessary practical facilities to help one be a certified chiropractor, and that's why I preferred it out of the rest of the colleges. Moreover, the college has a good reputation since everyone is talking about its standard about the chiropractor.

In summary, becoming a chiropractor is my dream and will always be my dream. I will sacrifice and do whatever it takes to become one and Palmer College will indeed make my thoughts to become valid.

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