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Summary of the Moment: When Rexs Family Moved to Welch - Paper Example

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The most defining moment in the entire memoir is when Rexs family moved to Welch, West Virginia. The main motivation behind the move was to escape debts and maybe have a new start. The family had undergone profound suffering in every aspect of life. Therefore, the expectation was that life would be a little forgiving and the supposed new start would bring forth good tidings. Moving to Welch accorded them the coveted opportunity of meeting their uncle and meeting their uncle and grandparents (Bartkevicius 150). However, the good times did not last as misfortunes struck even before they settled down. Jeannette suffered serious cases of bullying by the local girls due to her unfamiliar accent, which sees her placed in class for the challenged children. The bullying quickly took a violent turn as the girls beat her incessantly.

My Role as Jeannettes Friend

As mentioned, Jeannette is undergoing emotional, physical, and mental torture due to the conditions of life. In such circumstances, it is exceedingly comforting to know that a person is on your side, and that they are willing and able to give you a shoulder to lean on. As Jeannettes friend, my objective would certainly be offer her unmatched degree of solace and comfort to lessen the effects of bullying, and to try to eradicate the vice eventually. To this end, I would hang out with her particularly during the lunch or any free time. It is worth noting that bullying activities increase significantly when the victim is alone. Hanging together, would definitely offer comfort and at the same serving to deter the bullies from accessing my friend, Jeannette. Additionally, having a supportive friend like me would make her feel accepted and confident.

The best way to deal with vices like bullying is to talk to people, especially adults who are in a position not only to advise but also to act decisively against such a detrimental act. In this regard, I would report the matter to the administration. The administration would deal with the bullies directly. In case it would not stop, then I would seek advice on the best possible methods to end the act. Notably, direct confrontation or using a sense of human often discourages bullying. Jeannette and I would confront them, and hopefully get them to stop such a retrogressive act. Bearing in that the ultimate weapon against bullying is to speak up, I would tell the bullies that there treatment of Jeannette is unjustified, unjustifiable, wrong, and lacks the is not funny. In delivering that message, I would be firm and calm. I would avoid being dramatic, emotional, or sarcastic.

Normally, there is a strong temptation to escalate matters to the point of arguing, being mean, resorting to violence, or planning revenge. Such never help, but if they do the solution is not long-term. At times, they may worsen an already bad situation. Bullies take great pride in seeing people upset, as such a sure sign that their tactics are successful in attaining the intended goal. In Jeannettes case, the vice took a violent turn, meaning that the most viable option would be to talk to a responsible adult while offering emotional and psychological support. As a close friend, I would be there for Jeannette to help her settle into the new environment while viscously attempting to lessen her suffering. Unconditional love is the hallmark of true friendship.


Work Cited

Bartkevicius, Jocelyn. "The Glass Castle." Fourth Genre: Explorations in Nonfiction 8.1 (2006): 150-152.


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