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MS in Leadership for Creative Enterprises Program

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George Washington University
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Personal statement
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MS in Leadership for Creative Enterprises Program is a one year program designed to improve the students in leadership and management skills required for a thriving creative sector. The primary objective of the program is to promote productive leadership skills and knowledge needed in arts, media, and entertainment sector. Through my connections with students from a distinct background, the program was implemented to expose us to a wide range of current ideologies and opportunities in our career goals. The essential elements that comprise MS in leadership for creative enterprises included a curriculum, annual trek, summer internship, admission and metrication and the short term period for learning. The above features are the factors that made MS in leadership more appealing, thus making me a strong candidate. For example, the curriculum focus on topics like finance, marketing, leadership, entrepreneurship and the principles solely directed to solve equations in the creative sector. The annual trek gave me the opportunity to visit sites monthly and access professional speakers, hence providing me with first-hand information. On the aspect of the real world scenario, summer internship did the trick by bridging the gap between the two worlds of studies.

Additionally, Master of Science in Leadership for Creative Enterprises (MSLCE) program was more advantageous because it provided me with the opportunity for the annual trip made during springs to various destinations in the spring program, which exposes me to a real-world situation rather than the imaginary one taught in class. For example, the annual trek in New York and Los Angeles respectively. The yearly trek program was also advantageous and made me strong because of the experiences rendered to me, and the preparation that involved site visits, coursework, and interactions with the professionals through the MSLCE series just did the magic. It also provided me with insight on the values of soft and hard skills, with an intrigued vision of the type of organization I wish to work in.

I passionately believe that MSLCE will further my career goal in many ways. The finance aspect is one of them. MSLCE molds me from having no idea about the finance to a full business planner in a timeline of ten weeks included in the curriculum. The finance course comprised of a series of a practical case study; problem set, and live presentations. The course was directed towards moving out of comfort zone to obtain the techniques needed to reverse talent into a career. The understanding of media markets was also attributed to MSLCE in furthering my career goals. It helps me to understand the initial planning of my own business or operating within an existing company and knowing the customers to serve. The maker, user, and metrics course entailed in MSLCE aimed at increasing the knowledge of the complicated technological environs of today through pointing out the role consumers have in determining the operations of the market, such as the demand and supply phenomenon, thus, preparing me for a future career. MSLCE tutored me about the concept of a business model in a creative enterprise that forms the basis of implementing an idea rather than just ignoring it.

As an individual, I must be aware of the current competition to execute a well-planned notion, something that MSLCE has worked on in the creative sector. In conclusion, MSLCE will prepare me to make complex decisions in my future career as a creative leader by providing me with the ability to analyze and discern an organization's viability. Decision making being fundamental in leadership, I will be more than equipped to face and provide a remedy to challenges that may come my way in the entrepreneurial sector.

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