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Education Essay Example - Student Charter

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A student charter tends to outline the various expectations that the students of a given university can have while at the institution whereby the expectations are required to be reasonable. The charter is important since it outlines what the management expects from the students and how they are supposed to behave. Through the charter, there is the creation of understanding that is mutual between the lecturer and the students and as well as with other staff. The University charter tends to outline the themes of the University such as responsibilities, environment, opportunities and participation and rights of every individual in the institution (Wiggan, 2011).

A student charter is important since it sets out the guiding principles between the students in the University. For example, in the University of Birmingham, the principles outlined in its students charter acts as a guide to all the students who are registered there either doing the research programs, teaching programs or studying in the University or off the University. The charter outlines the responsibilities of the University, the students and as well as the Guild of students responsibilities. In the University of Birmingham, it is the responsibility of all the students to involve themselves with the Student Representation Systems and as well as involve themselves with the activities carried out in the institutions to help them shape their various experience. The students in the University are also required to treat the staff and any member of the University with due respect. While in the University the students have the responsibility of following the Universitys culture of learning which is mainly based on debates, self-motivation and also critical inquiry. The students are required to utilize the learning and studying programs to the maximum. The University of Birmingham has the responsibility of ensuring that the University operates in an environment that helps the students to achieve the best from the different programs that they have enrolled in and also supports active learning. The University also has the responsibility of ensuring that the students are updated regarding important matters frequently. It is also the responsibility of the University to ensure that they receive feedback which is timely and effective regarding their academic work performance. The University also has the responsibility of ensuring that they protect the rights of the students by ensuring that they can debate and express their views properly within the law. The guild of students has the responsibility of ensuring the personal wellbeing and safety of other students is safeguarded. It is their responsibility to also strive towards improving the quality of life of the students of the University of Birmingham (University of Birmingham, 1947).

A student charter is also important since it stipulates how the teaching, learning, research, and assessment will be carried out in the institution. The student charter tends to outline the available teaching, learning and research materials that are available in the University which will be used by the students. The student charter contains guidelines that are used in assessing and obtaining feedback of the learning process. For example, the University of Queensland contains the themes of teaching and learning (University of Queensland, 1923).

The student charter is important since it contains the financial details of the University. The student charter outline the costs of the courses that are offered in the institution. It is through the students Charter that the students are informed regarding the mode of payment that is allowed in the University and as well the deadline by which they are supposed to have cleared their payments. The finance details contained in the charter also provides the available financial advice which can be used by the students and the staff for inquiry. The details include an email address, telephone numbers, and fax address.

The AFG-University of Aberdeen should ensure that their student charter contains different themes. The themes that should be contained in the student charter includes respect, empowerment, and Engagement. It should outline the consequences that an individual will face for not respecting other students and staff in the University. The themes will ensure that the students work ethically. For example, the student charter of Maynooth University requires the students and the staff to treat each other with respect and dignity. The charter requires them also to follow the regulations and rules of the University. Respect help them to create a learning environment that is friendly, open and diverse.

The student charter should also contain the theme of empowerment. The students should be empowered to continue working hard so as to achieve their academic goals. Maynooth University empowers their students to work hard towards achieving academic excellence and to consider their academics as being a pursuit which is lifelong. The Maynooth University is one that is determined to achieve academic standards that are high (Maynooth University, 2015).

The student charter should contain the theme of equality and diversity. This will help ensure that students are not discriminated whereby other students are considered to be more superior to others but rather everyone has equal rights while at the University. For example, the University of Hertfordshire ensures that they advance for the equality of opportunity. The University advocates for equality through enforcing of policies, practices, and services that show their commitment towards that particular theme. The approach that is used by the University to enhance equality is also by ensuring that they handle different complaints promptly and fairly. The University also works closely with the local and national partners to advance and promote justice such as the Higher Education Equal Opportunities Network (University of Hertfordshire & University of Hertfordshire, 2003).

The student charter should have the theme of sustainability. This theme encourages the students to be determined and be ready to overcome the various challenges that they may face while at the University. For example, the University of Melbourne emphasizes the theme of Sustainability in the student charter of the University. The approach used to ensure there is sustainability is through ensuring that the various dimensions of sustainability are given a particular level of attention. The University considers its financial position, ensures that it has a management team that is strong, an engaged workforce and also an alignment that is successful. The University of Melbourne ensures that there is the sustainability of a clean and green environment (University of Melbourne, 1993).

In conclusion, the AFG-University of Aberdeen should ensure that their students charter contains various themes which will guide the students who enroll in different programs in the University. The themes should include integrity, diversity, sustainability, equality, empowerment, and respect. It should also explain the various approaches that the students will use to achieve the various themes. The students charter should outline the responsibilities of the students and also the stuff.


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