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Personal Statement Example: A Course in Social Work

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Vanderbilt University
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Personal statement
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1. Primary Reasons for taking a Course in Social Work

After I had performed several studies about Clinical social work profession and discovered that as a discipline it is dedicated to addressing the needs of marginalized and vulnerable populations, I was moved wholeheartedly towards embracing the code of ethics to build my profession along the essential law of life. My endeavors to pursue a course in Social Work were boosted when I was helping a friend who ended up with her up with seven grandchildren. The friend was struggling to make the life of the seven grandchildren smooth in spite of the fact that one of them had a low functioning behavior system thus required an extended behavioral diagnosis and therapy. Notwithstanding the fact that at that time of my life my two sons were adults with one being in the military and the other working for Disney, I was infringed to make a choice of taking a course that can solve the problems of people living in suburbs, poverty-stricken backgrounds and the vulnerable and those desperately in need of moral, emotional and material support. Additionally, I found myself at home alone with a high school diploma, a few college classes but, financially unable to make a constructive move. I had, therefore, chosen criminal justice which was not my primary desired profession and that my age was somehow unsuitable for the task that the job expected of me.

2. A Description of the Experience that I have Had and Served in my Capacity to Help those in Need, the duration of service, the strengths and weaknesses while executing the roles

Having realized that I was the only person in a position to live with the grandchild of my friend who had mental and behavioral problem and that my loneliness was more than it should be, I took my chances to carry on personal research to offer guidance and enhanced interaction with the kid to learn more about his behavior. In spite of the fact that I felt so helpless attempting to deal with his problem, I engaged took part in research about how the human brain, actions, and reactions work and the normal functioning of the brain. The purpose of my study was to acquire the knowledge that could enable me to be resourceful and useful towards solving the childs problem. It is through the above approaches that I learned that children and behavior was an area of interest. Thus I began to pay more attention to studying the behavioral needs of people and how to use my limited resources to help those in need voluntarily.

I also participated in a summer enrichment program to encourage and assist children who needed guidance, direction, and support without being idle for the summer breaks. This experience made me go back and change my course in school and continue my college education. I knew that I had found my real passion which is being able to assist others with their mental health and motivate them to be the best person they can be.

3. Personal Traits and Abilities That Facilitates my Understanding of People with Differences in Ethnicity, Gender, Race, Sexual Orientation, Disabilities, Socioeconomic Status and Religion.

In spite of the fact that I obtained my undergraduate degree in Psychology at the University to better skills and passion for the study of human behavior and helping the vulnerable, I had developed a personal interest in finding solutions to peoples psychological problems like my friend's grandchild who lived in the suburbs. Having had the passion of expanding the scope of my knowledge concerning human interaction, I, therefore, found out that most aspects that I was interested in were the theories and concepts of how the brain works. I was actively compelled by my compassionate mind to study ideas and theories that could enhance my knowledge of human souls, how the human mind is affected by their spirituality, economic status, environment, and the kind of upbringing they received. I also portray patience in studying ones behavior and going for what my mind desires. It is well outlined in my passion for being a key figure in studying human psychology even though I started late.

My patience describes that I can be the best social work professional in helping humans to make their life suit their passion and the search for their well-being. Having brought up in a low social, economic background, I, therefore, portray the relevant experience that connects me towards offering the best of service to the vulnerable and lowly regarded people in the society. With the example of one of my friends grandsons psychological problem, I confidently affirm that I am capable of handling people with diverse socioeconomic status and not limited to their disabilities, sexual orientation, and ethnicity.

Additionally, the psychology field which has intrigued me the most is clinical psychology. During my time in college, I worked as a school bus driver to spend more time engaging myself in my studies, to maintain a minimum of grade B as well as make contact with students and offer them with a way forward towards retaining a fulfilling college life. I was dedicated to helping college students to deal with social and psychological challenges that are connected with the choice of friends, dealing with little cash, peer pressure and uncertainty of self. Along with these things of education and my current employment, I also am actively pursuing a job in the psychology-related fields.

4. Personal and Professional Situation that challenged me to look at Another Persons Viewpoint and the Outcome

Having worked with substance abuse departments especially in the in-jail program that is concerned in dealing with individuals who became self-admitted or ordered by the court into the program, I was held responsible of making the files each to suit the compliance of jail views. While performing clerical tasks and assisting the counselors by filing the individual and group notes to each record, I was compelled to assist in delivering administrative service that included collecting data for the first recidivism report that I knew most people fake them whenever they convicted a person for causing mischief to their property or life. Indeed it was my universal appeal of helping people genuinely to attain their wellbeing and not just working according to the protocol. My position made me visit jails to give talks about the ways to seek quick recovery to the inmates and to intervene in helping the inmates to mend their relationship with their families, their higher power, friends, and case manager. I had several caseloads of passionate substance abuse individuals that I knew would not change their attitude no matter the circumstances. However, I assisted them by holding group meetings, individual sessions that had complete treatment plans that enabled them to get back on track.

Having compelled to perform tasks that were against my intentions, I kept changing jobs even though all of them were awesome thus I developed the urge to keep moving forward to the next level to keep helping as many people as possible to get back on track of their normal life. The aspect made me develop the curiosity of wanting to know and learn how much I was to do to keep my desire of furthering my scope of an educational career.

The challenges that I faced while offering my service with diligence and conforming to various organizational demands made me lit my candle of success in higher learning as a way of reaching my goals of becoming a professional in the social work profession. The outcome of working in the various field and being forced to think in the perspective of another persons thoughts has widened my understanding of multiple aspects of campus life while I was an undergraduate. I, therefore acknowledge that I have a greater understanding of the importance of working with faculty members carefully as well as within a team. I have also realized that a lot can be learned and accomplished when working with an experienced individual within the field of psychology and counseling.

Even though I have not always worked with an ideal team, I have ever worked with a diverse workforce and completed tasks within the allocated time regardless of the terms of service, background, color, race, creed, and gender of the fellow employees. The teamwork and varied forms of environment taught me how to be self-motivated, timely, honest, and accountable for my undertakings. The team experience also taught me to embrace other cultures to open-minded, gain experience, and knowledge to be able to serve better those who I may meet. The above values are the ones that I will use ongoing within the area of specialization in my awaited social work profession. I have learned how to be firmly committed to the field of psychology and its beliefs and that through research and honesty, the real world questions can be answered professionally, kindly, passionately and to the individuals who can benefit significantly from them.

Regarding the experience that I have gathered while taking my undergraduate studies, I have been inspired and encouraged to advance my education so that I can offer a meaningful and wholehearted contribution to the field of psychology. Having been passed through various life, training and professional experience, the skills, and attitudes that I have acquired are enough to set me in the line of advancing my studies in the field of social work as a goal of promoting my desire and concern of the needy in the society. I began to seek out the place in which I can pursue my postgraduate degree in Clinical Social work while taking the option of distance learning since I have always with working as well as learning during my undergraduate studies. I yearn for an institution that upholds the values and mission-relevant for granting someone a genuine professional skill. I have acquired sufficient experience in various human service agencies and assisted most of my fellow undergraduate students to carry on a fulfilling life. Therefore, assure you that once given a chance to pursue my postgraduate studies in your institution, I will try my level best to meet all the demands and the requirement of social work faculty.


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