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This episode talks about a steamy novel called The Rock of Gibraltar thats making rounds at the school. This novel is so popular among girls that it goes on to inspire Jessi to explore her sexuality. Boys do not understand why the book is attracting mainly female readers on the grounds of being a sexual stimulator. What confuses them is the fact that the novel does not have any direct implication of sex. It tries to show that the perception of sexual arousal among girls is entirely different. A direct inference to the sexual act either in writing, drawing or picture form is what turns boys on. However, what gets girls horny is the romance surrounding the sex.


This episode tries to dispel the common perception among the male gender that girls do not desire sex as they do. In short, girls love romance and sex is just as important as the events surrounding sex itself.


This episode fails to bring harmony between the male and female desire for sex. It leaves the boys grappling to understand the real meaning of females getting horny.

Episode 6: Pillow Talk

As Jay embarks on an emotional journey with his pillow, Nick drags Andrew into the city to visit an old camp crush in Manhattan. However, the day does not go as planned. The two friends are robbed and they wander all over seeking help. Andrew finds New York completely weird as he encounters a gay couple. He also sees young men snorting pills. The two also see Jessis mum kissing another having an affair with a woman. Jessis mum kisses another woman, and the whole scene is utterly repulsive to Andrew and Nick. Jay gets sexually attached to his pillow and finally to his bath mart. He also discovers that his brother Curt had also had sex with the same pillow.


This episode tries to shed some light on the struggles encountered by the young people in gratifying their sexual passions. They go to great lengths to even being attached sexually with non-inanimate things. It also teaches the youth that being gay or lesbian is not at all a new concept and should be considered normal.


This episode tries to justify the fact that having an affair outside the boundaries of marriage is healthy as in the case of Jessis mum.

Episode 7: Requiem for a wet dream.

Andrew struggles to keep hormone monster in check while working on a science project with Missy. He is attracted to Missy but does not know how to approach her. He is also too cautious with relationships since he is afraid that he might break up and become hurt in the end. To his surprise, Missy is also attracted to him. Andrew often masturbates to naked women but stops it when he gets into the relationship. At the same time, he is afraid to approach Missy for sex. Andrew becomes so much obsessed with his girlfriend Missy and stops spending time with his friend Nick who becomes upset. In the end, Andrew experiences a rocky, wet dream. This episode shades light onto why young people in puberty engage in masturbations main reason is that they are not getting sex from the opposite gender.


This chapter teaches young people to appreciate their sexuality. They should not be afraid to get into relationships or explore sex with the opposite gender.


The episode stigmatises sexual adventure in a relationship. Andrew fails to successfully have sex with Missy because he thinks it's wrong to do so.


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