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Behavior Change Model: Key to HIV Prevention & Treatment

In an attempt to reduce the HIV epidemic in the world, several theories have been practiced to help in the prevention and treatment of HIV. One of the theories is Behavi...
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(637 Words)

Essay on Sexual Orientation: Nature Versus Nurtured

Sexual orientation represents a consistent pattern of sexual or romantic attraction, or a combination of the two features, to individuals of the same sex, opposite sex, o...
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(446 Words)

Essay on Ethnic Studies in Racialized Masculinities: Genders and Sexualities in Communities of Color

The book Deconstructing Tyrone: A New Look at Black Masculinity in the Hip-Hop Generation by Natalie Hopkinson and Natalie Moore is a controversial book written in a ch...
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(587 Words)

Essay on Features of a Man and a Woman

Gender is one term that has generated numerous conversations among scientists, researchers, writers, and activists who have grossly disagreed with one another over the sp...
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(572 Words)

Gender in American Popular Culture: Annotated Bibliography Paper Example

Lowe, M. R. (2007). Research into the Representation of Gender and Body Image in the Press. Master's thesis, The University of Leeds) Retrieved from http://ics. leeds. ac...
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(1359 Words)

Essay Sample: Is Sexting a Safer Form of Sex?

Cellphones have nowadays become ubiquitous devices that are easily found in the pockets or bags of roughly every individual globally. Cell phones have dragged so many ind...
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(653 Words)

A History of Sexual Depictions in Art - Paper Example

Slimy Contacts is an illustration of the history of race and racial identities. The work presents race as one of the most challenging legacies of illumination, just as...
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(1581 Words)
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Essay Example on Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Symptoms of gonorrhea in women include discharge from the vagina which may be watery, slightly green or yellow, or milky. A person can experience lower abdominal pain and...
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(578 Words)

Essay Example: Attitude Towards Sex Education

Adolescence is a vital stage in the life of every individual as it marks the transition from childhood to adulthood. According to WHO (2015), the term adolescence as deri...
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(990 Words)

Sex Education Essay: Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Puberty is the stage at, which growing boys and girls undergo sexual and physical, maturation. The beginning of puberty may differ among individuals depending on the env...
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