Essay on Features of a Man and a Woman

2021-08-25 04:36:42
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Gender is one term that has generated numerous conversations among scientists, researchers, writers, and activists who have grossly disagreed with one another over the specific definition of the word. Biologically, there are evident features that define a man and a woman. However, there are particular incidences where the transition in gender occurs, and this bears the contention in the precise definition of sex. Despite the disagreements in gender definition, some striking features define a man and a woman. These features are based on physiology, social influences and values and self-esteem as adults. Based on their anatomy, men are men develop left side of brain faster as compared to women. Under the social influence, men use authoritative terms than women. Under self-esteem and values of adults, a man's sense of self is defined by his ability to achieve results. For men, doing things by themselves symbolizes their efficiency, power, and competence. The self-esteem of a man is career-related, and they feel devastated by financial setbacks or failures.

The definition of a woman is not only constricted within the borders of biology, but it also entails looking gender as a social construct. The question of what makes a woman a woman is very fundamental, and it can be answered in different ways using physiological and social constructs of a woman. To begin with, a woman is a human being who possess all the traits of a person. A woman's biology defines what makes them be women. Their period, the specter of pregnancy, menarche, the supposed shame of menstruating, menopause and monthly hormonal fluctuations represent their identity as women. Women develop the right side of the brain faster than men, and they use both hemispheres of the brain. Hence, they can talk and read relatively earlier than men. Based on social influences, a woman shows a broader range of emotional response than men. They value love, relationships, communication, and beauty. A woman's sense of self is described by their feelings and relationship qualities. They express themselves through clothes and emotions, and they are very concerned about issues that relate to physical attractiveness.

Biologically, a man and a boy belonging to the same sex. But specific striking standards have been developed by women to differentiate the two. The differences are majorly based on personality. It is imperative to note that there are biological features too that distinguish the duo. Physical maturity is one of the factors that separate a man from a boy. A man is a fully developed powerful human being with a broad-shouldered body and developed muscles. A man has beards and is very mature regarding reasoning and brave. Conversely, a boy is not fully developed regarding physique, and he has a lower level of maturity and lacks confidence. Based on the standards set by women, men do not live with their parents in most cases; they have their finances in order, has a stable job or stable source of income, very defensive and can raise a family. Conversely, a boy lives with his parents, are unstable financially, and are not able to raise a family. There are differences too between a woman and a girl. A woman typically takes time to reflect on the type of human she wants to be, but a girl has a checklist of superficial qualities that she prioritizes above everything. A woman is more into respect while a girl demands attention and is typically bothered with domestic chores.

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