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Marketing and Society: Positive Ways Marketing Affects the Society. Essay Example.

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Marketing is the process in which businesses and organizations in societies promote themselves to potential buyers by advertisements from websites, televisions, outdoor advertisements, and commercial to prints. Marketing and society are intertwined in the creation of an environment comfortable for people and growth of different business and organizations. Marketing is important to the society because it has made yesterday's luxury into today's necessity. In this context, we will focus on the positive ways in which marketing affects the society.

Moreover, in the growth and the support of people in a society, marketing has a high influence since it begins by identifying the consumers needs. In a recent study, (Baker & Hart 2008) through informing consumers, marketing has increased the level of knowledge in people based on different products being sold and ways in which the products can be used. Educating people is a great way to different marketing products (Weitz & Weinsley 2002). For instance, immediately individuals are able to understand the importance of different products, they can easily be able to relate to its importance to the needs of the individuals in the society and by them buying the products, the company providing the products is able to earn money and also the sales people moving around are able to be paid.

Additionally, through marketing, consumer expectations are easily set and managed since consumers rely on brands that are trusted by many people and consistency in the success of these brands (Baker & Hart 2008). In providing the information of different products through advertisements, consumers are easily aware whenever changes in different products are made in terms of the quality or reduction of goods prices. Due to this, the society's positive effect is based on fully satisfying the needs of the consumer, leads to creating a society which has products that are fit for use, therefore, creates a competitive business environment hence a productive society (Bloom & Gundlach 2001). Also, this provides the ability of the consumer to be able to identify and compare products before buying, therefore, reducing the chances for an individual to buy goods that are outdated or not fit for use.

In the use of websites in marketing, individuals are easily able to read and even Google more about different products that they are interested in. Web sites provide a great ground for individuals to be able to relate to the services they require understand the advantages of this products, and how they can use them (Bloom & Gundlach 2001). Through the use of websites to market products, many people in different societies globally are able to be aware of the particular products being advertised and can easily get to them. For Example, the availability of the Jumia website in product selling has increased the ability of individuals to be able to access different products and a chance for individuals in society to easily be able to access different resources. Moreover, through websites, people are able to get jobs with positions such as website managers where they put up information about different products. This helps curb the problem of unemployment in societies (Hartman 2016). The availability of televisions' use in marketing helps increase the rate in which individuals acquire knowledge on different products. Therefore, the number of people who are informed or learned about particular products increases also the people used to advertise the products get commissions, therefore, increasing the number of people that can support themselves (Weitz & Weinsley, 2002). Also, the number of people engaging in illegal activities reduces due to the availability of jobs. In addition, outdoor advertisements in marketing have a great positive influence on the consumer as well as the business or organization. In outdoor advertisements, individuals are easily able to market products and even sale most of them due to the availability of physical interaction with the consumer and the already available delivery.

Moreover, economic development is another positive influence of marketing to the society. Marketing helps in promoting goods and services while targeting consumers and increases a great number of transitions for consumers into buyers (Weitz & Weinsley 2002). Higher business sales employing successful marketing strategies merge into; business expansion, the creation of jobs, increased governments' tax revenue and overall growth in the economy, therefore, growth in the societies. In addition, the marketing industry creates jobs and wealth as businesses seek new and innovative aspects in promoting products and services deployed (Hartman 2016). Consumer demand for marketing in other venues including cell phones creates the creation of many branches of marketing and increases the level of the growth of the marketing industry, as a result, increases the rate at which different products sale (Maclaran, Saren & Tdajewski 2008). Consequently, economic development is highly influenced by marketing and is resourceful to the society by providing people's needs through products provision and jobs availability.

In addition, marketing influences the creation of better products. Many organizations create better products than their previous and competitors due to the increased rate of competition and upgrade of products (Hartman 2016). In order to be able to satisfy the consumers' needs, organizations produce products that do the same work as their competitors but are of a high quality and have a low price (Malhotra, 2016). In marketing these products, people in the society are able to know that they can easily obtain their desired products at an affordable price, therefore, curbing any arising cases of theft. In providing consumers with what they want, marketing has been able to create and improve the society into being a more civil one.

Also, through marketing, there is an effective balancing of supply and demand due to the ability of companies and businesses being able to get a good market for their products thus creating demand and supply is catered for in the process greatly seen through outdoor marketing where one can easily supply products as they continue advertising. Moreover, due to an effective creation of supply and demand, there is a reduction in the cost of acquiring products since they are delivered to the consumers (Maclaran, Saren & Tdajewski 2008). Due to these services, people without the ability to get to the headquarters where the product they require is produced comfortably build a trustworthy relationship with the brand. These services improve and increase the comfortability of individuals. Additionally, Marketing as a process brings a different variety of goods that are of great quality to consumers thus raising the standard of living for people in the society. Marketing products in a professional and more suitable ways give room for mass production hence making mass production help in reducing the cost of production and making the price of the products to be low (Malhotra, 2016). For that reason, due to a reduced price of products, many people are able to acquire the respective products that they need, consequently increasing the peoples way of living.

Additionally, marketing in relation to its importance to the society, is leading the society and its people in making decisions as per what to like, what is important, what habits are good for keeping, who to follow as leaders and models, what to wear, what to listen to, and what to eat (Varey, 2013). Consequently, marketing helps shape individuals into responsible people in the society through different advertisements. Also, the creation of utilities in different societies is brought about by marketing (Maclaran, Saren & Tdajewski 2008). Due to marketing explaining the importance of different utilities for human use, many people take up the advice in the advertisement and through their research by specific utilities that improve the basic living conditions among people.



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