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Ruth Rosen's How the Modern Women's Movement Changed America

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Ruth Rosen was a feminist historian who devoted her time to review women rights movements that transformed America. Rosen focused on the women rights movements in the 20th century. The concerns of Rosen in her book regarding how the media depicts feminist movement and the reactions of the society on the women influence. The work of Rosen is a comprehensive story about women movements that shaped the image of women in most societies. Rosen explains the women movement in America and women that catalyzed the transformation. In her text, Rosen provides an analysis of feminism since the 1950s. The purpose of this easy is to explain the accomplishments and the shortcomings of the feminist movements1.

In the 1950s, the feminism movements pre-occupied the minds of the teenagers. Rosen explains the rise of a feminism wave that made women discovered their value in the society. According to Rosen, the feminism mystique was strong and attracted many women followers. The women of the era showed their dissatisfaction with their traditional role of homemakers. The teenagers resisted following the footsteps of their mothers. Rosen argues that the female did not have roles models in the corporate society. The women of the era advocated for the inclusion of women in the labor force. The young women adopted the thoughts of rebellion as a means to liberate the women from the oppression in the society. The young women in the era were not successful to advocate for social recognition using rebellion as a strategy1.

In her text, Rosen asserts that the feminist activist of 1950s did succeed to push for women liberation after rebelling against the society. In the 1960s, the feminist activist pioneered the social movement. The social movement had new inspiration and tools for fighting for the recognition of women in the society. The agenda for the social movement was to advocate for the affairs of the black female. Rosen contributes positively explaining to the readers the women that contributed to the liberal and the radicle feminism1.

The feminist movement helped in the extensions of individual rights of the women. The push for recognition of rights for women was a moment of revolution in the most societies. The liberal feminists were determined to restore equity in the society where the laws protect the rights of the women. The feminists bothered the legal systems and had many questions on the patriarchal families regarding issues facing the female in the society. The feminist activist felt that the society needs to consider the needs of the professional women in allocating the roles in the society. The push to liberate women was successful because most people in the society saw the sense in the goals of the movement. The legal systems began to support the claims of the feminist activists that sought to promote the image of all women in the society1.

The women movement changed the American sexual culture. The intentions of the feminist were to expose the injustices in the women sexuality. In America, there have been hot debates on abortion rights, rape, and health of women, pornography, prostitution, and sex. The discussions on issues of women sexuality did not favor the women because of the ordinary believe that female is a weaker gender. In the text, it is apparent that the push for new laws and transformative ideas gave power to the feminist. The actions of the feminist were successful following because many people began to advocate for the rights of women. After the tough fights and the push for recognition of the rights of women, the perceptions of the people on the women sexual cultures was changed. During the era, many people began to see women the same way they see the men. Some people who borrowed the ideas from the feminist movement regarded the old perceptions of women in the society as selfish. In this case, the feminist movement had changed the perspectives of the society1.

The movement catalyzed the involvement of women in the world politics. Rosen introduces to the reader the idea of passion and Politics as an agenda that transverse the media. The feminist wanted to raise their voices to ensure that women involve in the politics to advocate for a complete change. The feminist revised the strategies by introducing the media coverage in their liberation mission1. As time advances, there were new feminist coming with new ways of fighting for reforms in the affairs of the women. Most women in the era accepted the Friedans messages that urged all the women to denounce the establishment of male politics. The activist began to challenge the people supporting the traditional roles for women.

In the modern America, the impact of women movement is powerful because there is a freedom from lesbians. The men began to respect the women and change the salutations for women. For example, language for use in addressing the women was gender neutral. There was also an increase in the women in politics in the United States. The rise in the population of women in the politics promoted the formulations of policies that favored the affairs of all the women. The inclusion of women in the legislature was one of achievement of feminism movement in the United States1.

The feminist movement had a number of shortcomings in the lives of people in the United States. For example, the push for equality in the U.S empowered women to lead uncontrolled lives. The issues of lesbianism and divorce are rampant in the U.S. The passing of laws that protect the privacy rights of the women gave women too much freedom. Lesbianism compromises the ethics of rightful living in the society. The issues of abortion were legalized in the United States a product of liberation movement1.

The liberation movement did not change the image of women in the society. The feminist push for freedom of women and catalyzed the involvement of women in the economic and social issues in the society. The movement had a negative implication on the image of women because some the women began to engage in sex industry thus abusing the freedom. Lesbianism, pornography, and prostitution undermine the image of women in the society1. For example, men began to see women as sex toys because some of them started working in strip clubs, and in the pornography industry. The women in the modern society appear oppressed because the liberation provided an opportunity for men to misuse the women. It is ironical that the feminist movement fighting for the rights of women did not attain real freedom. However, though women were considered in the workplace, government jobs, and exempted from their traditional roles they did not attain the real freedom.



Rosen, Ruth. The world split open: How the modern women's movement changed America. Tantor eBooks, 2013.



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