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Paper Example on Strategic Marketing

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Middlebury College
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Who are the target customers for the company/brand? Make sure you tell why you selected each item that you did.

Age Bracket: between 18 to 45 years

Gender: Both male and female

Income Bracket: Earning between $1000 to $10,000 per month

Education Level: College graduates

Lifestyles: Working class people


Values: no limitation on values

Other items you would segment up on African and Asian market

How could/does the company reach its customers/users? What methods and media might and does the company use to reach the customers/users? Make sure you list the media type and why you think it will reach the customers.

The companies target audience is the people that are going to business industry. The best strategy for such an approach should be based on two marketing concepts. The five concepts, in this case, are social marketing, selling the concept. However, the most appropriate marketing concept for the company is social marketing concept. For the social media marketing, the company should focus on the long interests of the society and also the things that the customers want. Social media marketing has become one of the most appropriate methods in this era of digital technology. The advantages of this approach to marketing are that it makes it easy to reach to the clients and also provides easy interaction and feedback (Mazzariol et al., 2016).

What would grab the customers/users attention? Why do you think this will capture their attention?

An effective advertisement would most probably grab the attention of the audience. Social media platforms today have provided a great opportunity for business to sell their products and create awareness about the products they are selling. However, to capture the attention of the customer, a company should develop an advertisement that is captivating and also informative. Such an advertisement would easily arouse the interest of the audience to seek more information about the company's products (Mazzariol et al., 2016)

What do these target customers value? Why do you think they value these items?

HP realized that the customers preferred lightweight, useful notebooks PCs that could be used to carry out research and development. The customers value a laptop that they can carry around with much ease while doing their research. The focus of many laptop users in this era is to find a device that is efficient enough can store more power and is also portable.

2. Competitors

Who are the brand's competitors? Provide at least three competitors and tell why you selected each competitor.

Competitor 1: Dell also sells computer devices and their target market is young people aged between 20 to 45 years. This group also prefers PCs that are portable, and this poses a great competition for the HP. The segmented market that the company is focusing on would have to be shared with the PCs that HP is making.

Competitor 2: Acer also makes computers that are targeted at working class and business people. Their devices are affordable and pose a great competition to HP PCs.

Competitor 3: Apple is a great competitor to HP. The products that Apple makes have gained so much popularity over the years. The target market for Apple is high-end customers.

What product category does the brand fit into? Why have you placed this brand into the product category that you did?

The Brand fits into the computer hardware category. For years the company has been making PC product including printer and personal computers. The brand is known for making durable PCS, PC parts and peripherals.

What frame of reference will customers use in choosing to use/purchase this brand/service? What other brands/companies might customers compare this brand too?

When purchasing these products, the customers would be looking at the aspect of quality, durability, and affordability. Of much importance, the customers would also focus on the ease of portability. When purchasing HP products, the customers would also try to compare products from Acer and Dell.

3. USP (Unique Selling Proposition)

How is this brand/company better than its competitors? What is the brands USP (Unique Selling Proposition? Why have you decided upon this particular USP?

Unique Selling Proposition: The brands USP is Durability and sturdy form of products. The company's products have always been distinguishable, since it focuses mostly on the need of the target customers and makes products that are more durable.

What is the brands uniqueness? Why do you think this is a key uniqueness for this business?

The uniqueness of HP products is in their durability. HP products have a long lasting life as compared to many other products with the same categories. Besides, the functionality of HP products has increased over the years. The focus of the company is to make products that would provide the best services to the customers at an affordable price (Butler et al., 2016)

What is the competitive advantage of the brand? How is it different from other competing brands? Why do you consider this a competitive advantage?

The competitive advantage for HP is that it has a maximum share in the market and also has a consumer-centric approach. The idea of having a maximum market share guarantees that the company would always be a step ahead of the competitors. Besides, the company has taken a consumer-centric approach. With such an approach the brand focuses on the needs of the consumer and produces products that meet the specific requirement to the customer. Such an approach guarantees brand loyalty.

What does attributes or benefits the brand have those dominate competitors? Why do you think they dominate?

The company has well after sales services that help in building good consumer relationship. This attribute has helped the company to build a strong brand image and thus stay ahead of the competitors. The other attribute is that is good distribution network across the world. Clients thus access their products from any part they are. Such attributes have made the brand to have the edge over the competitors.

4. Positioning Statement & Motto

Develop a new positioning statement and motto for the brand you selected. Below is an example of BMWs positioning statement and motto. Discuss why you created the items that you did?

HP Positioning statement: Taking a walk together to the future

BMW Motto: HP your ultimate friend.

Technology is developing rapidly, and today everyone is almost a tech-savvy. The advent of new technology is pushing companies to come with the latest models of products. The focus of HP is to analyze the trends in the industry and develop the latest models of PCs (Pawar & Kambale, 2016). These PCs are focused on meeting the need of the clients. With this view, the focus is to take the customers to the future that is the reason for coming up with the moto. Moving forward the focus of the company is always to develop the best products that meet the needs of the customers.



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