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Learning Plan Proposal

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University of Richmond
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Research proposal
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Dear Dr Dryer:

I am a student at Cecil College who will soon be graduating. I am a student with poor grades in some specific units; I am not able to juggle all my classes during the regular class and schools days. Due to that my problem, I have realised that it's because I cannot understand the whole courses with the time frame provided during the regular studying periods in a year. I am not alone suffering the same problem but is just a representative of such students. I would, therefore, request that the institution through the management to create more time for such students like me by introducing winter sessions where can be taught and being given tests. At least this will make us be at per with the other fellow students when the usual learning resumes. This is because other students and I would like to have an opportunity to improve our academic performance and meet the requirements of the award of the university degree. I have also seen other students engage in academic malpractices because they fear failing to meet the minimum grades requires graduating. That was the reason for writing this proposal to at least help some slow learners to improve their academics and hence making them have hopes that their dreams can be trI humbly submit the following proposal to be considered by yourself and the administration of Cecil College. Sincerely,






Winter sessions are holiday sessions in schools or colleges happening when schools functions are closed. It's very necessary for a five-week optional class sessions for students having no time and grades to satisfy adequate degree requirements for one to graduate. Some students thus need to have additional remedial classes or winter session to help them in their studies to set up their progress towards their graduation. Most of the students have their different reasons for the need for such remedial classes. For motivational aspects to students during the winter, its recommendable that scholarships and other awards should be introduced for the winter sessions. Winter sessions should also count in the general GPA and the scores and grades during winter sessions should be transferable between the universities. Its therefore very important that all the necessary stakeholders should come in to ensure that the winter season studies are great benefits to the students. For additional learning time, students get more contents enabling them to be more equipped in their field of study hence more competent in the job market.


Research at Cecil College shows that most students don't have time and grades to satisfy the requirements for their grades adequately. Hence, there is a gap in the school programs that need to be filled on how remedial classes or winter session aid studies satisfy or step up they progress towards graduation. Several issues must be put in place in matters related to the winter studies. Winter session offer student with the opportunity to improve their grades towards a timely graduation. For the students who are not performed well in the regular class periods or those who had some problems that perhaps made them not to attend all the classes should have time for winter sessions. The winter session will help such students compensate the time which was lost during the regular class periods. Particular students are slow learners or those who are weak in class and might need more time to discuss the same concept to understand the same. For all such reasons, it is very necessary for the institution through the management to allow for winter seasons despite there are several factors that can hinder the same to take place.

When introducing such winter seasons, the management of the institution should not make it compulsory for all students to attend, the reason being that some bright students basically do not need to attend such classes to succeed. Some bright students only need the time stipulated by the curriculum of an institution to pass the examinations and meet their targets. The winter session should be for those who are willing knowing the need for it. Majorly it should be for those compensating either for the grade lost or for the time lost and wasted. Students attending the winter season should be paying certain amount of money to help facilitate the operations during the session. Winter sessions are different from the standard school period and hence the expenditures in that time is different from that stipulated in the standard fee payments. Fee payments for the regular learning periods are for in budgeting for that period hence cannot be used in the winter period.

The students attending the winter period should be given opportunity to get access to scholarships and awards. Such opportunities will motivate them and making them work harder in their academics, and will not view attending winter period as a waste of time, making them improve their academics status more and more.

The grades scored by students during the winter period should also contribute towards the overall GPA. If the management of the college can allow the grades to contribute to a student's overall GPA, the students in such a session will become more serious since winter would also contribute to their final grading. Some students only become serious when they hear about exams. With the session grades contributing towards the overall grading, many students will be motivated to work extra harder and hence will be well equipped with the concepts they never understood in the normal school days. The winter sessions scores should also be transferable between universities. Many students from different universities will be interested in attending the winter session at Cecil College hence will help promote the title of the school everywhere. Students from Cecil College attending the winter session will get a good opportunity to interact with students from different colleges and universities hence getting more ideas on matters pertaining academics. The management should formulate a policy where students in winter sessions are allowed to register as many courses as they may need without any restrictions. A student may have been with some problems such that he/she missed many classes and hence he/she may intend to recover them during the winter period. With restrictions on the number of courses to be taken, the student may not be able to achieve his intention as required. At least a student can complete the whole previous semester's work within the winter session in case he/she never got the opportunity to do it at the stipulated time; then it can be essential to do all the other courses which were left undone.

The schools should have all the necessities required for use in the winter sessions. A proper planning should be done through the management earlier before the winter period dawn. A record of all students planning to attend winter session should are made, and the required facilities also are put down earlier, and all other planning be done at the correct time. Early planning will help avoid the confusion generated by last-minute rush. During the normal school days, there is already overstaffed and many lectures that did not get ample time for interaction with the students more adequately use such a session appropriately. They will get much time with the students and give them the full content he/she implied to give or the full content as prescribed by the course outline, hence helping both the lectures and students to cover the whole syllabus properly.

From the view of things and the operations in Cecil College, it's possible to introduce the winter sessions. There are several reasons as to why winter sessions can work in the institution. Most of the winter sessions do not have a well a structured program meaning that students are not compelled by those very strict rules and regulations. There are some students who if put under strict rules, they never perform well, hence winter sessions to understand the concepts not understood in the normal school days. The student having the opportunity to choose to attend or not to attend the winter classes becomes a very crucial scenario. The ones who will be attending the session will be the willing few hence giving the lecturers easy time since no one will have been forced to attend. Only those motivated inwardly and know the reason for the session will attend.

The winter session program will be effective since most of the school's facilities will be free for occupation at that time since schools will be closed due to inclement weather. In fact, there will be more than enough facilities in the school since all students will be at home. Those in the winter session will get adequate time space for learning. The students who need an improvement in their scores and are willing to pay additional fee to have extended one-on-one classes with their lecturers hence gets the opportunity of making their dreams valid.

Just as discussed earlier that those attending winter classes should pay some fee which caters for the services offered by the institution during that winter session, there will not be any extra time taken to develop problems. It is because the winter session is offered in schools facility and online classes, hence no significant costs that will require more time in developing the problem. Students will be paying a compulsory cash of $300 for each course they take and the money earned can be used to discharge all the financial obligators in the institution. This amount is relatively fair compared to the services offered by the college. Lecturers will also be paid due to their overtime working. Not all people will support the right thing, and for something to be successful, there must be those opposing the issue. Those opposing the issue of inclement weather would argue that inclement weather normally marks winter marks winter climate. The opposition further argues that the winter session would not be sustainable due to bad weather conditions.


The main reason why I intended to write such an issue was that am also a student with some poor grades in some specific units, and I speak by experience since I understand the difficulties that students of my type go through hence the need for winter sessions or other additional remedial programs. I am not capable of juggling to my classes during the normal class and school days. I together with other students would, therefore, like to have an opportunity to improve our academic performance, meeting the requirements of the award of the university degree. Some students also are found engaging in academic malpractices because of fearing to meet the minimum grades requires graduating. For the proposal to be effective, some assumptions should be made. It must be assumed that lecturers are willing to teach during the winter period and have no negative attitude about the issue. It must also be assumed that many students are willing to attend class during the winter period.


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