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Shift Ends. Creative Writing Example.

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George Washington University
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Creative writing
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Brooklyn Fire Department, Brooklyn-New York, Kerry Bowman, sits behind his desk, working on some papers. He looks worn out.

His alarm clock goes off; it's the end of his shift.

Grabs his coat and on leaving, his partner, Alex Macron, asks him for a drink, he declines.

Towards his Apartment

Bowman walks down the streets of Brooklyn. There is not much in his mind right now.

Theme State

Halfway to his apartment, he is chocked by a cloud of smoke. He realizes a black smoke is emanating from an apartment just across the block. He detects its a fire and races to the scene.

Reaching the apartment, he bangs the door, but no one answers. He decides to call his partner Alex, but she does not pick up. He decides to call his fire department.

Shocked in the Alley

He continuously bangs the door, shouting if anyone could hear him, but still, there is no answer. He goes at the back of the building to help to put out the fire before it turns catastrophic.

He enters the apartment, which was on the ground floor of the building, and grabs a fire extinguisher which was right next to the back door. He puts out the fire but is driven out by the thick smoke. The fire rekindles and spreads very fast to the windows and the door. People from the nearby apartments gather and try to salvage properties.

Outside, he sees a burning dumpster and goes to put the fire out. At this time, sounds of sirens from the fire team and the police are heard. After putting out the fire, he decides to open the lid and finds a 10-month-old kid inside. It astonishes and scares him beyond words reminding him of a similar occurrence during one of his shifts.

Act 2 (Flashback)

Emergency Call

12years ago, it is a typical day in the department building, and the suddenly Bowman and his crew receive an emergency call from Wingate, and they rush there.

The Rush

In the streets, they run into a traffic and hit some vehicles. The driver decides to go through another road, which is longer but better, with less traffic.

Reaches the Fire Scene

They reach the burning apartment late and find out that it had almost wholly burned. They set up the equipment and put out the fire.

Afterwards, Bowman discovers a baby that was trapped under the debris with burns on its arms and legs. He calls for help. He and Alex take it to the hospital where they do not get the services needed because of incompetent and corrupt attendants. The baby dies, and it haunts Bowman for a long time.

Act 3

Saves the Child

He comes back to reality and raps the kid with his coat.

He thinks and decides not to tell anybody about the kid and takes it with him

The Child at the Apartment

At his apartment, he pulls out his medics handbook and equipment and struggles to perform first aid to the kid

The kid is stable, but Bowman refuses to take it to the hospital citing his experience.

Final Image

Bowman decides to keep the kid and provides it with the medical experience he has too.

The kid gets well, but it has amnesia.

What does he do?

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