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My Psychological Purpose Final Paper V

2 pages
544 words
University of California, Santa Barbara
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My header title is present and is identical to my header title on the title page. My header title is all caps and 12 point times new roman font. On the second page, my header has omitted the phrase running head. I do have a page number that starts on page number two.

The abstract of my final paper five is an excellent one. The word abstract has been centered at the top of my page and the abstract starts on its own page and in this case, page number two. On my abstract, I have identified my problem or rather, the research question. I have as well on the abstract, noted my participants, noted my experimental method, noted my findings, and noted my conclusions. My abstract is between 150 and 200 words and on it, I have identified the key phrases.

Discussion Section

My discussion comes right at the end of the results section and the word discussion is centered and bolded.

Discussion Content

On my paper five discussion content, I did provide a brief summary of my hypothesis and the results that I had and did support my hypothesis. Of course, I avoided restarting my statistics and instead, used everyday language. On my discussion content, I mentioned my study limitations and I as well mentioned the potential follow-up studies and my citations in this section followed the APA formatting method.

My psychological purpose paper five is divided into a number of sections that make it be a quality paper. It has a title page, abstract, literature review (study one), methods section (study one), results section (study one), brief discussion section (study one), literature review (study two), methods section (study two), results section (study two), brief discussion section (study two), general discussion section, references, and appendices.

I have combined my paper 1, paper 2, paper3, and paper 4 to come up with my most part of my paper 5. The newest part of my paper five is the abstract and the general discussion section. The abstract being the first item readers of my paper will be coming across, I have made sure that it is an excellent one by conveying a lot of information concerning my paper and in a very short paragraph. On my general conclusions, I have summarized my results for my studies and drawn conclusions. In my general conclusion, I have tied it back to the information that I presented throughout my both studies.

Above all, my paper five as my final paper has observed the full APA formatting method. It has also reflected the skills and the knowledge I have come through in the whole of my semester. I have purposed in my paper to convey any relevant information and anyone familiar or not familiar with my paper will find it easy to understand it. The title page of my paper speaks what the topic of my entire paper is. In my abstract, I have given the entire clue of the whole paper. The literature review part, the methods section, the results section, and the discussion sections have affirmed everything that concerns my paper.

From the above, I believe my paper is not only an excellent one but also a quality paper that has observed all the aspects that an undergraduate course paper, needs to.


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