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How Technology Is Important to a Child Educational Development

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What is the issue you plan to investigate? How technology is important to a child educational development

A.1 Describe what you now know

I know and understand that the increasing rate of technology within the global system has a great influence on the child educational development system.

A.2 Identify what you need to learn about what are your questions? What is the effect of the increasing technology to the child educational development about the social and the mental effect?

What is the difference between the modern technology and the traditional form of education to the child and how does the two influence the learning development of the child both negatively and positively?

What is the relationship between the child and the different forms of learning technology, which is available in the modern learning system?

What are the child interest and are they in one way or the other related to the changing technology and how can this develop the child learning positively?

What programs does the changing technology impacts on the child learning ability and how does this impact to the child development positively?

A.4 list ideas for possible solutions Create a system and a program that enable the child to be involved only in programs that influence their knowledge positively and avoid modern technology programs that may affect them negatively.

Creating for the child different activities which are of significances to the child and which the child can use in companion with the technology to enable them to develop proper learning objectives which will impact positive change in them.

Provide for the child all the possible assistance such as buying all the modern technology devices which the child may need for learning purpose.

Counseling the; child and teaching them about the negative impacts of all the modern learning technological devices such as smart phones and personal computers.

How can I build a program in which I am well informed of many different places which can offer help for parents, such as, counseling, food stand, medical insurance, tutoring, after-school program free?

Part B

C. Service Learning Projects - projects listed next page

1 Title of service-learning resource and web address 101 Bright Ideas for Service-Learning (must look up the specific project for details)

Anon, (2017). [online] Available at: http://technology education [Accessed 24 Dec. 2017].

2 Purpose of the project The most significant purpose of this project I to provide a proper guideline on how the relationship between the modern technology and the children can lead to a significant output. This is mainly increase in technology, faster and easier learning system which is of great importance to the child educational development system.

3 What about the project do you find informative? The project above I have found to be very informative. This is because it helps create a mentoring which is of great significance both to the child educational development and also to the community at large. The project also clearly describe the steps you need to take to gain only the positive aspect of the modern technology which will develop the young ones positively.

4 If you were to implement this project (or projects) what impact do you anticipate it's having on your middle school or high school students in your content subject (e.g., mathematics, social studies, ELA, sciences, foreign language, art)? I look forward to proper motivation more so on the technological aspect o keep the learning moving and to incorporate more knowledge to the children and thus properly develop their education system.

What is the main importance of moving the traditional form of learning to the modern technology type of learning which involve the use of electronic devices? This is clearly brought out in the project, and I, therefore, consider it to be a very important part of developing the child educational system and ensure a proper and positive result of the same.

5 How might this project address an issue of social equity or social justice? The project above clearly brings out various aspects of the social justice. It brings the various aspect of technology and the social life and major only on the positive aspect of the social life, and that is of great importance.

6 Do you recommend this resource to other teachers teaching your same subject? Give two reasons. I highly recommend the use of the resources in the teaching of the same subject due to various positive reasons. I believe that through t he use of technology and teaching the children of the positive impacts of the same will enable them to cope up with the developing world.

The use of technology will also v make the learning process for the children to be easy and thus enable them to develop their objectives and achieve them thus increasing their learning process.




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