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How the Importance and Role of Women Differ and Change in Different Times and Settings

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The women contribution in the society receives the little attention from the policymakers and the social scientist. As the political organization and the economy of the society changes, the families who can make the necessary adjustment usually fare best. It is majorly through the womans contribution that the growth of the families is felt. They play a significant role especially in facilitating the changes in the life of the family. They are the caretakers of the young kids in the families. For the many past years, the numbers of women increase hugely in the workplace. They move to the economy aiming to supplement the men.

The socially complex movements have majorly contributed to the changes. It includes the movement in search of the equal legislations opportunities, the extension of the knowledge economy and assessment of the ongoing increasing cost of the living among women and their education access. The increasing numbers have led them to enter the broader occupation range. It is mainly from the supportive and the nurturing roles including teaching and the nursing to each work of the professional and the occupational life. The women, therefore, are currently found in the occupations, the roles and the industries which were previously considered purely for men. There are variations in the female patterns of the employment since some decades have experienced a significant effect on the women empowerment. It has proven to be the independent purchasers in the market. Notably, the importance of and the role of women in the society has equally proven to be the change regarding the contribution to the macroeconomic value of the society. (Gender, Women, and Primary Health Care Renewal,2).

The importance and the role of the women have been proven to differ in different settings. The evidence shows that the companies with more females being the board members perform financially better when compared those companies whose majority of the board members comprises of males. It has been argued by the economist that the raising the number of ladies in work boost the gross domestic product of a country. The business owners and the entrepreneurs comprising of the females are greatly increased, and this has generated the business. Despite the role of the women in those settings increasing, they are faced with some obstacles which get evolving. There are the structural challenges which give them competition in their field of employment. The equally disabling, therefore, becomes the personal and the cultural misperception of the functions of the females in the working environment. (O'Connor, Karen,5).

Traditionally, the people-powered with the running of the organizations became keen in appointing of an individual who will follow the culture of the organization. The significance of that will be reducing the development and the induction cost in the company. The results which are currently released indicates that the managers concentrate on promoting the females more than men in the work and has this has shown the progress of the womens roles in the workforce. It has always gets argued that the females lack the confidence in the work environment which is the reason for the slow rate of their promotion. The assumption has get proven wrong with the number of females going to the graduate schemes usually exceeds the number of males. Tracking the progression through the senior management to the lower manager reveals declining number of women.

The strides which have been arrived at concerning the role and the importance of women in the different settings have suggested the variations. The situations tend to become complex and enormously positive. The income inequality becomes the unacceptable reality of the life despite the narrowing of the pay gaps. For instance, the females in the UK get less payment of the working career when compared to men. Although the women are in a stronger position to bring the change and even shaping of the economic, political and the social landscape, the ladies are less likely when compare to men in some sectors. The explanation for this is based on the position of leadership. The gender discrimination issue in the workplace is what the women are trying to eliminate showing their importance in the work environment. (Ruiz, Vicki L, and Virginia S. Korrol, 7). They not only aim to eliminate the act to bring about the fundamental rights but also as a way of showing the efficient and the effective business activities.

The experience and the skills of the women become very sensitive to the economic growth and the recovery. Optimizing the productivity of women in different settings, their creativity, and their experience becomes a winning game for the workers, enterprises, the governments and the societies at large. The females are struggling to have the interesting share of opportunities. Although the politics and the authority get usually influenced by the power which usually falls in the hand of men, the women are trying to fill the significant political roles which affect the politics and the history at large. Notably, the females get entitled to possess and even inherit the properties.


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