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Sociology Essay Example: Gender Equality in UAE

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Gender equality is a familiar principle in the United Arabs Emirates and many parts of the world. It is an essential element of smart and sustainable as well as economic growth. Gender equality is a measure of the development in most of the developing countries. It has accounted for a greater significant share of economic, political and employment growth for the past decades. This essay discusses the successes and challenges that UAE faces in achievement of gender equality.

What progress has been made on gender equality globally? Pick two countries and use them to illustrate successes and challenges?

Emerging research reveals that equalizing gender space upwards could enable positive economic growth (The European Union, 2017). The gender gap has reduced in many domains for the past few years. There exist a parity of educational achievement at the tertiary and secondary level, the concern and vocation selection of women (widely in humanities, education) slightly explains the differences in educational opportunities and salary gaps. Many countries have launched programs to convince women to study technology, engineering, and science-related subjects to stand this trend.

Germany is ranked eleventh in the global economic forums global gap report 2008 (European Institute for Gender Equality, 2016). Women political participation is high in Germany. Public commitment to gender equality is visible via gender mainstreaming programs at all levels of government. Theyve also allowed women to vote as well as participate in public decision making. The United States is amongst the leading countries in the world to provide women with opportunities for growth (McBride & Parry, 2016). Women have taken an active role in politics, economic, education and leadership positions. However, there are still high disparities in political participation and representation. There is still a large pay gap.

However, there are challenges that face gender equality globally. For example, 98 million girls do not attend school globally. Also, 1 in 4 women experiences gender-based violence while 1 in 7 girls is married prior 15 years while others become brides at the age of 9 and 8 years (USAID, 2017).

UAE has made great progress on gender equality but what, in your view are the remaining challenges?

In UAE many women finish secondary education and join universities than men (Otaiba, 2017). Women literacy has gone up to 91%; data shows that women in Emirates are 7th globally regarding wage equality (Otaiba, 2017). In world economic forums, the global gender gap in 2014 reports that UAE is second in the overall gulf performance and at the top third of education. UAE still provides women with opportunities for growth and development.

In my view, UAE women face experience gender inequality in various forums. For instance women, few women take part in the growth of the economy since men occupy most of the permanent positions in the job positions. As the country commits towards empowering women, there is need to put more focus on education of women so that they compete for the available positions with men in the society.

How does this relate to you as a young person in UAE and this region? How is this connected to how you live your own life and the choices you make?

UAE has put systems and policies that promote gender equality across the various aspects of the country particularly the economic aspect. As a young person, I have the motivation that there will be reduced discriminations based on gender as both genders are achieving equal opportunities in the country. I need to get prepared in assuming a society that is gender equality sensitive. Personally, the concept of gender equality should guide me while participating in various economic, political and social responsibilities. As I champion for my rights and role in the society, I need to respect those of my opposite gender.



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