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The Relationship Between Entrepreneurship and Happiness Among Male and Female Entrepreneurs

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Literature review
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There are several stories out there about the state of the women in the country. The gender gap within the members of various countries still clear exist, but entrepreneurship dooms also all this and brings in a new picture of the general state of the country both in the economic point of view and the prevailing happiness of the entrepreneurs. Several studies have proven that entrepreneurship is the career where women perceive more happiness than men. It has been found that in terms jog age, women can easily and more successfully start a business at the age of thirty-five years to forty-four a period in which most women are taking care of their kids. The main idea behind this is that the flexibility of entrepreneurship can greatly attract their women during this hectic period in their life due to the fact it gives them the opportunity to plan for themselves and therefore giving them more easy and convenient time.

Happiness can be a struggle for everyone more so in the employment and the job field. But studies show that men have difficulties in attaining the required happiness more when n i9t comes to entrepreneurship. The following are some of the reason that makes men not to be so successful and attain high standards in the entrepreneurial field."

Several men as shown by research always less in touch with their emotions and there3fore most of them do not even know or realizes what is causing them to feel off. This greatly affects men because an uncomfortable feeling can be a perfect hindrance to the entrepreneurial development since it will enhance discouragement in accomplishing the various useful task in the job market.

Several men believe in superior, and therefore things that were looking for or seeking help almost equates to failure in life. This makes them not to enjoy their entrepreneurial life as they struggle with all the commitments alone even in things that can easily be helped and handled.

It is therefore of great importance to fix the issues and enable men to more successful in the entrepreneurship field through the creation of various simple practices that would enhance their happiness in the field. We should ensure that we are going to have men who are happier, encourage to see happier people, also enhance and make sure that we have a happier working environment that would easily promote entrepreneurial activities.

Several research has also proved that in numbers too that women are more happy in the entrepreneurial field than men. It is proven that women in the well developed entrepreneurial activity are three times happier than women are in their various employment positions. But the stated happiness does not just translate to women who are just gating started to their business who always in one way or the other reports lower level of happiness as compared to women working for employees. But though still possess the higher level of happiness as compared to the same men or who are trading in the same position. And therefore in all above, there should be the proper link between proper confidence and happiness which always goes together. The general happiness success link exists not in the view that success always can make people happy but because positive effects always lead to success.



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