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NYWaterway Ferry: History, Projects & Challenges

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NYWaterway Ferry is a private transportation organization that runs the operation of ferries and buses in the Newyork port. The essay begins by exploring the history of NYWaterway Ferry and the underlying management and operation of the system. It proceeds to explain some of the planned projects that are set to strengthen the functioning of NYWaterway Ferry as a system of transport. More so, it illustrates some of the common issues or challenges that the system encounters during its operation and how the problems can be resolved.

Brief History of the Nywaterway Ferry System

NYWaterway Ferry was founded in 1986 by Arthur E. Imperatore (Bruno, 2015). On its first day of work, only a few passengers showed up. The research shows that just dozens of passengers who were willing to ferry with the newly invented transportation system. NYWaterway Ferry was criticized by several passengers some of them branding it the name Arthur's ferry. Despite the critics, Arthurs and his son were very ambitious and were much willing to support and embrace their idea. As a result, in the 1980s they donated quite a several ferries in various parts of the world.

Due to financial constraints, several fundraising ceremonies were held with the aim of funding NYWaterway Ferry. The event incorporated allies from different parts of the world. However, the most significant numbers of fundraisers came from the Newyork. In 1986, the government intervened and offered about $6 million to NYWaterway Ferry so that it could refinance its 13 boats which were operating (Camay, Zielinski & Zaranko, 2017). More so, the funds were set to fund the new existing boat which was more powerful had a higher speed than the rest of the boats. In the same year, the government agreed to eliminate any sale tax associated with NYWaterway Ferry. In the event, it advocated for the construction of NYWaterway Ferry terminals by the end of 2002 (Camay, Zielinski & Zaranko, 2017). By so doing, the NYWaterway Ferry system of transport became a success.

Operation and Management of Nywaterway Ferry System

The NYWaterway Ferry has employed quite some employees to serve and ensure that the system is reliable to all customers. The hired crew is responsible for controlling the ground and also provides proper scheduling of duties is highly maintained. For the system to monitor the large crowd of customers, it has installed a variety of loudspeakers for the proper projection of voice instructions. The NYWaterway Ferry system operators have continuously been instructing that captains should adhere to both the departures and arrival times. The NYWaterway Ferry is dependent on city approval in case they intend to make any adjustment. Since the beginning of the project, NYWaterway Ferry system has pledged to cooperate with the city controllers to ensure that customers access the best transport services ever.

NYWaterway Ferry system operates under high pressure from the customers. As a result, it strives so much to offer the best to its clients. As a result, it is looking forward to attaining sufficient authority to enable it to provide quality services to all customers. NYWaterway Ferry plays significant roles in rescue emergencies. For instance, in 2009, the system evacuated quite a large number of passengers who were stranded because of lack of transport (Weisbrod & Lawson, 2018). Whenever transit strikes occur; NYWaterway Ferry is always available to help passengers move to places where they intend to move.

Project Being Planned for Nywaterway Ferry System

The NYWaterway Ferry system is planning to improve its fare sharing strategy with the focus of bettering its operations. The system is also concentrating so much to ensure that surf and turf program is operational and it's a regular project. In that case, it is laying a great foundation to ensure that customers who travel by bus are ferried back to their destinations with fast moving ferries. More so, NYWaterway Ferry system is struggling hard to centralize automobile method to ensure effective communication of all its boats regardless of where they will be located. The plan aims to improve connectivity in water. More so, it will lay a vital platform where vessels can feed videos in their cameras for retrievals whenever the need arises. Other projects that are underways include pulling up wireless mesh connectivity or network that uses antennas for every moving boat to aid a more accessible and useful communication data to all vessels.

Issues, Challenges and Resolutions

Various issues face the NYWaterway Ferry. One of them is that it is unable to communicate effectively to the large crowd of passengers due to lacks of proper communication vessels. For some time, it has been struggling with an issue of adequate communication. In other words, the system is unable to project voice instruction to the crowd due to the inadequacy of bullhorns. Another challenge is based on lack of better technologies especially to incorporate video data from all boats. Research shows that most of NYWaterway Ferry vessels are located in remote areas making it difficult for the system to have access for all ships effectively. Again, most of the employed crew is wholly corrupt and fights against the success of the system.

However, NYWaterway Ferry is working hard to ensure that such issues are reduced as much as possible. It has come up with a remedy for ensuring that passengers receive the information without many difficulties. By so doing, it has started to improve voice projection facilities in all its terminals. Most importantly, the NYWaterway Ferry system must strive to cope with the demanding levels of technology. As a result, it is required to install useful and numerous cameras to obtain adequate data for future references. Also, the NYWaterway Ferry must work as a team and together discourage any form of corruption or malpractice that may hinder the success of its operation.


NYWaterway Ferry system is a transportation system which is playing a lot of roles as far as the movement of people and goods is concerned. Its history is associated with a lot of benefits to all customers. To some point, many passengers have ascertained that NYWaterway Ferry system is quite reliable in transport processes. In connection to that, various projects are underway to ensure that the system does not collapse but instead proper to the highest levels. Among the planned projects include the installation of better cameras to ensure appropriate capturing of data in all of its terminals. By so doing, the NYWaterway Ferry has been able to solve most of the issues that it encounters in the course of its operation.


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