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Factors Contributing to Nursing Job Satisfaction - Essay Sample

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Thesis proposal
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Technological Considerations

Medical technology such as electronic records and intensive care units helps in enhancing the quality of life (Ritchie, 2017). However, lack of understanding and knowledge by the caregiver concerning the use of various technologies has hindered the implementation of necessary actions that would help in reducing injuries and health hazards within the hospital. Educating and training health workers on how to use the modern technology within the hospital can help to address the problem.

Institutional Structures

Institutional structure affects the implementation of various activities that are aimed at protecting caregivers from contracting health hazards and injuries. There is always a lot of bureaucracy to follow within the institution before implementing the objectives of the activities and enhancing the working environment for the health workers (Bourgois, 2017). To ensure that proposed activities do not take long before they are implemented, calling for a general meeting within the institution to discuss the activities can help in the faster implementation of the activities.

Financial Trends that Affect the Availability of Human Resource and Project Funding

Lack of funds to purchase equipment such as facial masks that can protect health works from the injuries often hinders the implementation of the proposed activities. It is recommended to look for financial support from the government and well-wishers to address the challenge that hinders the implementation of various activities.

Hospital or Governmental Policy Constraints

Administrative policy constraints such as the acquisition of equipment or dressing code policy may affect the implementation various activities. For example, dressing policy may hinder caregivers from putting the mask on their faces to protect them from contacting flu germs (Hayes, 2010). Giving elaborate advantages on the importance of wearing a mask while attending to the patient can help to solve the problem.

Regulatory Requirements

"Must haves Regulatory requirement within the hospital often affects the implementation of various activities aimed at enhancing the safety of the nurses and patients within the hospital. Most of the regulation like compulsory shifts affect the qualities of health services offered by nurses (Mittra et al., 2015). Therefore, discussing with board of nursing to allow nurses determine the time they work best can help solve the problem

Patient Diversity

The diversity of patients within the hospital can also hinder the implementation of various activities within the hospital. Patients are suffering from different disease and communication implement activities to enhance patient and nurses safety challenging. Therefore, employing translator and building of more hospital can help address the problem

Strategies for Building Buy-in among Different Stakeholders, Including Nurses

Failure by the nurses and various stakeholders to buy the ideas aimed at enhancing better healthcare severe affects the implementation of proposed activities. Having detailed discussion with the stakeholders and nurses on various proposed activities can help address the buy-in mentality. Explaining to the stakeholders how the activity will help in reducing injuries and hazard infection to the health workers can help in convincing them to buy the idea.


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